'Troublesome Trend' Of Sporadic COVID-19 Spread In Eugene/Springfield

Jul 30, 2020

Lane County has seen a total of 484 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. Public Health officials report a slight downtrend of new cases, with 49 confirmed over the last week. The majority of all cases- 81% -are in the Eugene/Springfield area. And that is where they’re seeing an increase in community transmission.

LCPH reports the majority of COVID-19 cases countywide are in Eugene/Springfield metro areas. And now, this is where community spread is increasing.
Credit City of Eugene

Lane County Public Health's Jason Davis said epidemiologists are contending with more and more individuals testing positive for COVID-19 in metro areas but not knowing how or where they became infected.

“And that is troublesome, because that is one of the indicators that we look at for our reopening,” Davis warned. “In terms of sporadic cases, it’s also an indicator on how we are able to manage these hotspots and keep them contained into known social groups.”

Lane County Health and Human Services Public Information Officer Jason Davis reports bi-weekly on COVID-19 trends. This week, the worry is community spread in the Eugene/Springfield area.
Credit Lane County Public Health video

Davis said small gatherings, travel and household transmission account for the rest of the known cases, including 18 now reported in Florence.

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