Trump Administration's Tariffs On Newsprint Overturned

Aug 30, 2018

The International Trade Commission has unanimously decided to roll back tariffs that the Trump Administration imposed on Canadian newsprint. 

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Among those celebrating the news is Camilla Mortensen, editor of the Eugene Weekly. 

“I actually literally did a happy dance,” she tells KLCC. 

Camille Mortensen, Editor of the Eugene Weekly.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Mortensen says under the tariffs, it cost her $6,000 more to print a 28-page paper than it did before. She can’t say for sure if the tariffs were part of the White House’s attacks on the media, but…

“…there’s definitely some speculation about that," says Mortensen, "because if there’s one thing you’re going to hurt newspapers with, is taking away our ability to print pages, and our ability to report and put out there what we’re reporting on. 

"Digital is huge, but print is still a very large part of news readership.”

The News Media Alliance trade group applauds the ITC’s decision.  It says cash deposits will be refunded to newsprint manufacturers but that will take months.

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