Trump Victory Spurs Oregon Groups To Unite For Legislative Action

Dec 5, 2016

A coalition of labor, community, and health groups are calling on Oregon lawmakers to ensure residents’ basic rights and opportunities are protected under the Trump administration.

Donald Trump on the campaign trail, 2015.
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Past remarks by the President-elect  – as well as reports of increased hate crimes– have spurred groups to prepare a 2017 agenda.  They want legislators to tackle poverty, racial and economic disparity, and equal access to health care, among other concerns.

Supporters of women's reproductive rights.
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Andrea Paluso is with Family Forward, which promotes economic well-being for women and families. 

“We will fight back against the rollbacks that we see for so many different populations of people who will be impacted in our state, whether that be immigrant populations, women and her autonomy over their bodies, or the variety of different folks whose rights may be really dismantled as a result of some of the policy suggestions that the trump administration is suggesting.” 

Paluso’s group is with the Oregon Health Equity Alliance, which is working with Fair Shot For All, a labor and civil rights coalition, on the agenda.