Tuition Will Increase at UO

Mar 4, 2016

Students at the University of Oregon will pay more in tuition next year. The Board of Trustees voted Friday to raise tuition by more than four percent. The increase passed despite fierce objection from students.

Students held signs protesting the tuition hike.
Credit Kyra Buckley

It was standing room only at the Trustee meeting in the Ford Alumni Center. Students held signs with phrases like “Education over exploitation” and “I’m not a piggy bank.”

During the public comment portion, students expressed concern over the potential tuition boost.

Chandler Willison is a freshman.

Willison: “Financial difficulties can have a major dampening effect on ones ability to make the most of their education. I for one find it difficult to have much optimism for the future with the prospect of student debt hanging over my head.”

After public comments, UO President Michael Schill told Trustees the tuition hike was necessary so the

The UO Board of Trustees met at the Ford Alumni Center Friday.
Credit Kyra Buckley

University could “meet future challenges.” He says state funding makes up only 7 percent of UO’s budget—the majority comes from tuition.

After the proposal passed, students, including the student Trustee, marched out of the meeting.

Brittney Weinberg is a transfer student. She says she hoped for a more creative solution to UO’s budget problems.

Weinberg: “I felt that they did listen, but I think they were also very set on what they wanted to do. It seemed like they already knew beforehand.”

For the next school year, tuition will increase $405 for in-state students and $1,350 for out of state students.