Unemployment In Oregon Hit Record Low In 2017

Jul 20, 2018

Last year unemployment in Oregon dropped to its lowest rate since 1976. 2017 also saw the lowest jobless rate for youth in the state.

The overall rate sits at 4.1 percent, and unemployment for teens saw over a ten percent drop from the year before.

Credit Oregon Employment Department

Felicia Bechtoldt is an economist with the Oregon employment department and says teens have greater barriers to getting work, but continue to jump into the labor pool.

“Oregon has seen a strong job growth since 2013, and the job growth has attracted more teens and adults into the labor force. The labor force participation rate for teens increased to 40 percent in 2017, and the labor force participation rate for young adults which are ages 20-24 increased to 72 percent.”

Teen employment saw a slip after the 2008 recession but is now close to the pre-recession rate of 42 percent.