University of Oregon Students Trickling In To Get Vaccinated

Mar 3, 2015

A University of Oregon student gets a vaccination against Meningococcal Group B on Tuesday.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

The second day of the "mass vax" clinic at the University of Oregon saw fewer students than anticipated. Pharmacists lined the halls of Matthew Knight Arena with Meningitis vaccinations at the ready. According to one care provider, students have been "trickling in."

Undergrad students who do show up are being walked through health questions and insurance paperwork. The UO is partnering with Albertson's and Safeway pharmacies to process insurance claims to the myriad providers, many of whom just approved coverage of the vaccine, Trumenba.

The UO is focusing on high risk groups including Greek life and students living in residence halls. Safeway pharmacist Amy Valdez says another student population is being encouraged to get immunized.

Valdez: "The University is doing a lot of outreach to students that are international students. Just based on the communication, a lot of the materials they may or may not thoroughly understand, so they're doing some extra communication to international students to makes sure they get vaccinated."