UO Is Accepting Name Suggestions For New Black Cultural Center

May 31, 2019

Construction of the UO Black Cultural Center is underway, and it's expected to be finished in the fall. In the meantime, the UO is taking name suggestions of people who've made exceptional contributions to the success of Black people in Oregon.
Credit Melorie Begay/KLCC News

With the University of Oregon’s new $3 million Black Cultural Center set to open this fall, the question remains…what to name it? 

In 2015 the UO Black Student Task Force made 12 demands for equity, the center meets one of them. The building will serve as an inclusive space for students to study and honor Black and African American history and culture. The building is 3,200 square feet and located on the East side of the campus on East 15th Avenue.

“We got to make sure that when we designate it as that space that, that name has significance, the place has significance and it resonates with people who are both here now, have been here in the past, but more importantly will be here in the future," said Kevin Marbury, the Vice President of Student Life.

Vice President of Student Life Kevin Marbury
Credit Melorie Begay/KLCC News

The school wants suggestions of people who’ve contributed to the success of Black people in Oregon, he said. There are an additional 6 types of criteria the university is looking for including individuals who've overcome oppression and discrimination, and those committed to advancing justice and equity for Black people in Oregon.

The public has until June 19 to submit ideas before the next step in the nomination process. A committee of UO students, faculty, and staff will pick 3 names to send to President Michael H. Schill. 

The president will then listen to public comment before July 24 and make a selection which will be given to the Board of Trustees in August.