UO Administrators Respond To Sexual Assault Case

May 9, 2014

From left, UO Vice President for Student Affairs Robin Holmes, UO President Michael Gottfredson, and UO Athletic Director Rob Mullens respond to questions from the media.
Credit Rachael McDonald

University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson and Athletic Director Rob Mullens spoke to the media for the first time Friday about the allegations of sexual assault against 3 members of the men's Basketball team.

What did you know and when did you know it? That's a question posed to University leaders in the wake of the news of an alleged sexual assault by three basketball players at a house near the U of O Campus March 8th. University leaders say they knew players were being investigated by Eugene Police but they did not pull them from the NCAA tournament. President Gottfredson says that's because the police asked them not to do so because of the ongoing investigation.
He says once the U of O got the police report:

Gottfredson: "Working with the UO Athletic Department we took the following action. The three student athletes were suspended. They will not be playing basketball at Oregon again. We have and we will continue to pursue all appropriate action in this case."

The police completed their investigation April 8th. It's still unclear why University officials did not get the police reports until April 24th.  Athletic Director Rob Mullens says he was not aware of the previous sexual assault accusations against one of the players, Brandon Austin, at his previous school in Providence, RI until after he was on the team.

Statement from UO President Michael Gottfredson