UO Celebrates Expanded Recreation Center

Jan 5, 2015

The expanded U of O Student Recreation Center had its grand opening today. It includes 110,000 square feet of new space, including pools, studios, and gyms.

View from "uptown" onto the new entry into the UO Student Rec Center. A climbing wall is visible on the right.
Credit Karen Richards

On day one, the shiny, new high tech spaces are already bustling with activity. Kevin Marbury is the Director of Physical Education at the U of O. He says the construction has been smooth, on budget and on time.

Marbury: “What it means to this university we’re going to see over the next couple of years, but we can already see the first day of operations, early in the day we’ve got tons of people walking in and out of the facility. So, it’s the right thing for us to have done at this time and we’re really excited about what it brings to the university.”

Marbury says facilities like this one are key to recruit and retain students. The building is hoping to earn LEED platinum certification, not easy for a place with a heated 15-lane pool. The $50 million dollar project was approved by a student referendum and is funded by student fees.

Some of the courts and outdoor areas are still under construction. Everything should be complete by March.