UO Football Players React To Coach Firing

Dec 1, 2016

University of Oregon football players reacted Wednesday to Tuesday’s firing of head coach Mark Helfrich. The news comes after the Ducks’ worst season in years.

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Freshman defensive back Brady Breeze grew up in Medford, and has been around Oregon football since long before he was a student-athlete in Eugene. Breeze says the Ducks’ attitude changed from when Chip Kelly was head coach, and in the first season under Helfrich.

Brady Breeze: “It’s turned from more like a team thing back when Chip was here, and when Mark started, it was all team-team-team. And this year it’s seemed more like individuals, guys were kind of doing it for themselves, and not really worrying about how the season is going, more worried about what their stats are. This is a time that we need to bring this team together, because we’re at the lowest point we’ve ever been.”

Players expressed confidence in Athletic Director Rob Mullens, to follow through on his promise to find the team a good head coach.

Helfrich led the Ducks to a 37-and-16 record in his four seasons.