UO Student Group Stands In Solidarity With Palestinians

May 15, 2018

Some University of Oregon students held a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians Tuesday on the 70th anniversary of the Nakbah. Nakbah refers to the exodus of some 700-thousand Palestinians who fled their homes in 1948 when Israel was founded.

Meanwhile, more than 100 Palestinians have died and thousands have been injured over the past 6 weeks in the Gaza Strip. Abdul Abusaq is a Saudi Arabian international student at the U of O who helped organize the event on campus.
“We are showing that kind of solidarity with the Palestinian people,” says Abusak, “And also it’s really more emotional for me and its more about like being a human being.”
Abusaq helped found “Students United for Palestinian Rights” at the U of O.

On Wednesday the group welcomes Nancy Mansour and Zachariah Barghouti who will discuss the history of the Nakbah, from 1948 to present day. The event is from 6-8 p.m. at Straub Hall at the U of O.