Update: Landslide Near Florence Cleaned Up, Road Re-Opened

Nov 30, 2016

Photo of the Big Creek Road landslide, that shut down access Monday.
Credit Lane County Public Information.

Earlier this week we mentioned that part of the big creek road near Florence was shut down due to a landslide.  Lane County officials now report that the affected stretch between Highway 101 and Upper North Fork Road has been cleared for motorists.

As the weather turns more wintry, the risk of landslides increases.  Drivers are warned to be wary of hilly and mountainous areas inundated with rain, and to avoid trying to go around or through landslide-damaged roads.  

The Big Creek Road landslide, outside of Florence, OR.
Credit Lane County Public Information.

First, the landslide may still be ongoing, which could mean more crumbling hillside collapsing on you and your vehicle.  And secondly, the road itself may be damaged and unstable.

County officials do hope motorists call in landslides, so that road crews can come and assess the situation.