Vandals Do Damage To Mt. Pisgah Parking Area

Dec 15, 2017

Vandals on joyrides have done damage to a parking area at a popular Lane county park and officials are at their wits end.

Credit Devon Ashbridge / Lane County

For months, someone or a group has been off-roading in Mount Pisgah’s north trailhead parking area. They’ve created muddy ruts and moved log barriers, creating public safety hazards.

Todd Bowen is with the Lane County Parks Department.

“It is very frustrating to me because we have a staff that’s basically, including myself, six permanent employees that are out maintaining 70 pieces of property. And when somebody pulls a log or two out in the middle of a public parking lot, I have to re-prioritize staff away from their jobs and have them come and literally pull a couple logs out of the middle of the driveway because I’m afraid somebody’s going to get hurt.”

Credit Devon Ashbridge / Lane County

Bowen is asking for help from the public in the form of photo and video to help catch the culprits. If cited the vandals could face up to a $500 fine for destruction of property. Meanwhile, the county plans a $74-thousand paving project to permanently put a stop to the vandalism.