Veneta Residents Celebrate New Water Pipeline

Oct 16, 2013

Veneta just hit a milestone. For the last four years, the city has been planning and constructing a pipeline to connect with Eugene Water and Electric Board's distribution system. Tomorrow (Thursday) the community will celebrate their success in securing a long term water supply.

McKenzie River water will flow from East Eugene to a tank in Veneta.

There is no aquifer deep below the city of Veneta. What's more--there are no major rivers nearby. Since its incorporation in 1962, this rural community has relied on ground water wells to supply households and businesses. With anticipated population growth, city officials realized that wouldn't be enough.

Construction of the 10-mile pipeline began last summer. Now, Mckenzie River water will flow from West Eugene into a storage tank in Veneta to augment the city's needs. Ric Ingham is city administrator.

Ingham: "Our current contract is to purchase a minimum of 6 million gallons a month from EWEB. That's about 20% of the average monthly need for the city. And that's probably a number that will be adequate for the next couple of years. And as we grow and the demand for more water increases, we'll slowly increase that."

The $11-million project was funded with a federal loan.  After more than fifty years of poor water quality and the lack of a reliable source, Ingham says the investment has no drawbacks.
Inham "No pun intended. But, yes well worth it."

Residents, dignitaries and school children will celebrate the new water pipeline at the Veneta Community Center, Thursday at 10:30am.