Voters To Decide Funding For Eugene Public Library

Aug 6, 2020

In November, Eugene voters will decide whether or not to renew a five year levy for the Eugene Public Library. The current levy, approved by voters in 2015, provides the library with 2.7 million dollars every year. This funding is set to expire in June 2021. 

During the pandemic, the library has had to pivot its services to meet community needs. These services have increased over the last four years since voter passed a levy giving the library 2.7 million dollars. As Eugene copes with the financial and health struggles of a pandemic, voters will be asked again if they will renew the levy for another five years.
Credit Eugene Public Library


Since 2015, the library has increased programs, services and operational hours. More details can be found here and here. The new levy is meant to preserve current levels of operation. 

According to Executive Director of the Eugene Public Library Foundation, Reed Davaz McGowan, there will be difficult decisions if the levy doesn’t pass. 

“As we live with the results of the pandemic, it’s going to be really challenging for our community,” said Davaz McGown. “And, the library is a powerful, free resource that can provide support in a lot of different ways.”

If renewed, the levy would increase the average property taxpayer’s annual cost from 36 to 37 dollars. The tax rate would decrease from 17 to 15 cents per 100,000 dollars of property value. 

This would provide the library with 2.85 million dollars per year for the next five years - in addition to the roughly 12.3 million they receive from the city’s general fund.