Want To Bury At Least Part Of 2020? Now You Can.

Oct 8, 2020

Question: What fits in the palm of your hand, is preferably non-toxic, yet best represents the year 2020?  For the folks at BRING Recycling, it’s what they hope you’ll bring to leave inside a time capsule for the next century.

The DRAGO-19 metal sculpture being installed in BRING Recylcing's Garden of Earthly Delights on October 21st.
Credit Emily Shelton / BRING Recycling

Between October 10th and October 20th, organizers of the Eugene non-profit want locals to bring items for the capsule. It’ll be buried under a sculpture called the Drossian Resource Ark Glenwood Object-19, or DRAGO-19 for short.

Emily Shelton is Director of Education and Outreach at BRING. She says perhaps the most obvious choice for marking 2020 is already on the list.

"We will be including one of our reusable face masks that were sewn together by one of our employees. That was the first thing that we decided to put in.”

Visitors with objects for the time capsule should visit during BRING’s regular business hours, and observe the store’s pandemic protocols. The time capsule will be opened in 2120, to teach future Eugeneans about the year that was.

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