Wednesday Snow Closures and Delays

Feb 26, 2019

Lane County has a non-emergency line for weather related questions: 541-682-3977

Lane County Emergency Management has been working closely with other public agencies and partners to evaluate and respond to emergency needs.


·        Lane County and the Red Cross have a convoy of critical supplies and resources to support a warming center and shelter at Oakridge High School.

·        The convoy includes: food, water, diapers, baby food, medication, insulin, oxygen tanks, batteries, pet supplies from Greenhill, and other critical supplies.

·        Lincoln County is supplying emergency food supplies that are included in the convoy.

·        Eric Plebuch of Petersen Cat is supplying a generator and electrician to support the Oakridge Shelter. The equipment is staged to move as soon as Highway 58 is passable.

·        Lane County Fleet Services is including a mechanic with the convoy who can help remove trapped or abandoned vehicles along Highway 58 in support of ODOT’s efforts to continue clearing the highway.

·        Search and Rescue was able to make a delivery to Oakridge Fire of oxygen to support their needs.

McKenzie Valley:

·        McKenzie Fire and Rescue has established a warming center at the Leaburg Fire Station and has a water filling station, heat and coffee for residents who can safely travel to that location.

·        A warming station has been established at the Upper McKenzie Fire Station.

·        Lane County, Verizon and EWEB crews are close to reaching a critical communications tower that serves the McKenzie Valley to make repairs and bring it back online. Once the tower is back online, it will provide emergency responder communication, as well as cell phone service.

·        The City of Eugene is transporting a satellite cellular service tower to support emergency communication in the upper McKenzie Valley until the communications tower is repaired.

Additionally, Lane County has opened a non-emergency inquiry line (541-682-3977) to address resident questions and concerns. The call center will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. until conditions improve.

When possible, Lane County Search and Rescue volunteers are responding to residents facing immediate life safety issues as a result of the winter storms.

Medical (2)

Lane County Public Health is consolidating services at their community health centers to one clinic, the Delta Oaks Clinic. All other clinics will be closed. 

Medical (1)

• PeaceHealth - Both the Pediatrics clinic at Barger and the Dexter clinic are closed today, Feb. 27. All other PeaceHealth Medical Group clinics in Eugene, Springfield and Cottage Grove are open. If you have an appointment at Barger Pediatrics or Dexter, please give us a call to reschedule. UPDATE Posted: Wed. 27th, 10:07 AM

• Slocum Orthopedics - Office Opening at 8:30 (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 03:59 PM

Transportation (1)

• Lane Transit District - LTD continues to operate today (2/27) Sunday schedule service with modified snow routes. We plan to continue the same level of Sunday schedule service with modified snow routes on Thursday (2/28). If the UO and LCC open for classes on Thursday and road conditions allow, we plan to operate limited non-scheduled service for the following routes: 79x, 82. Before leaving in the morning, visit to see if your route is operating or on detour. For snow and ice route maps visit UPDATE Posted: Wed. 27th, 04:27 PM

Parks and Recreation (2)

• City of Eugene Library, Recreation & Cultural Services - All Rec community centers and pools will open today at noon for drop-ins, except for River House Outdoor Center, which will remain closed. All Rec programming is canceled. The Downtown Eugene Public Library is open. Sheldon and Bethel branch libraries are closed. The Hult Center ticket office is open regular hours. UPDATE Posted: Wed. 27th, 10:08 AM

• River Road Park and Recreation - All classes and programs are canceled. All facilities are closed. UPDATE Posted: Wed. 27th, 10:09 AM

Colleges & Universities - Willamette Valley (4)

• Lane Community College - Closed. LCC all locations closed Thursday, Feb. 28, due to weather issues and a network outage. Watch for follow-up academic-related updates. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:58 PM

• Linn-Benton Community College - All locations closed UPDATE Posted: Wed. 27th, 08:53 AM

• Pioneer Pacific College - Springfield - Closed. All morning, afternoon and evening classes canceled. Non-faculty staff report at noon. Posted: Tue. 26th, 08:53 PM

• University of Oregon - Opening at 10 am. Eugene campus classes and events will start and offices will open at 10:00 a.m. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:51 PM

Lane Co. Schools (10)

• Bethel Sch. Dist. (OR) - Closed. All evening activities canceled. Posted: Tue. 26th, 07:57 PM

• Creswell Sch. Dist. - Closed (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 06:22 PM

• Crow-Applegate-Lorane Sch. Dist. - School is closed the rest of the week (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 03:14 PM

• Eugene School District 4J - Closed, afternoon and evening activities canceled UPDATE Posted: Wed. 27th, 10:11 AM

• Fern Ridge Sch. Dist. - Closed. Administrators and Custodial Staff report at 10 a.m. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 04:01 PM

• Junction City Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late, AM/PM Buses on snow routes. Buses will be on snow routes. Additionally, students who live off River Road between Beacon and Love Lake must meet their bus on River Road. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:08 PM

• Lowell Sch. Dist. - Closed. Due to harardous road conditions through the community and sub freezing temps overnight. Crews will be working to clear snow and debris out of walkways and parking lots. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:45 PM

• McKenzie Sch. Dist. - Closed due to power outage (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:06 PM

• Pleasant Hill Sch. Dist. - Closed UPDATE (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 06:19 PM

• South Lane Sch. Dist. - Closed. Crews are working to restore power to our schools and remove snow and debris from parking lots. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 01:00 PM

Douglas Co. Schools (9)

• Days Creek Charter School - All offices closed (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 12:52 PM

• Glide Sch. Dist. - Closed. Due to downed trees and power issues. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 09:49 AM

• Oakland Sch. Dist. - Closed. Due to ongoing power outages and downed trees and lines (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 01:49 PM

• Riddle Sch. Dist. - All campuses closed (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 11:49 AM

• Roseburg Sch. Dist. - Closed. All schools, school activities and meetings are canceled Thursday and Friday due to continuing power outages. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 03:44 PM

• South Umpqua Sch. Dist. - Closed. and all evening activities have been postponed. (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:05 PM

• Sutherlin Sch. Dist. - All campuses closed. No students. No staff unless contacted by supervisor for the rest of this week. No school remainder of this week (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 04:08 PM

• UCAN Head Start - All Sites closed for the rest of this week (Sutherlin, Rose, Winchester, EHS, Green, Winston and South Umpqua) staff not to report to work either (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 03:08 PM

• Winston-Dillard Sch. Dist. - All campuses closed (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 12:00 PM

Private & Charter Schools (3)

• Camas Valley Charter Sch. - Closed, No AM preschool (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 03:13 PM

• Emerald Christian Academy - Closed. The Day Care will also be closed. We are closed due to power outage at the school and the Day Care. There are lines are down in the parking lot. The school will remain closed until crews are able to restore power, and we are able to clean up the parking lot. Thank you for your support to one another as we work thru this inconvenience. Blessings! (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 05:14 PM

• Oak Hill School - Closed due to power outage (For Thu. Feb 28th) Posted: Wed. 27th, 06:00 PM

Organizations (1)

• Pearl Buck Center - closed Wednesday Posted: Tue. 26th, 08:25 PM