Whale Watch Week on the Oregon Coast

Mar 21, 2016

It's Whale Watch Week on the Oregon Coast and with a typically mixed forecast, grab your rain gear and head outside.

Credit Wikipedia

Gray whales are traveling north, from their winter breeding and calving grounds off Baja, Mexico to their traditional feeding grounds up by the Bering Sea.

Jay Moeller is Chief Park Ranger at Yaquina Head Outstanding Area. He says on this journey, the mothers teach their calves how to find their way.

MOELLER: "So, they're staying very close to shore where both parent and child can look ashore, see where they are and find their way. The thought is, I guess, on the way back they've already figured that out to a degree and they don't stay so close to shore on the southbound winter migration."

Though the first northbound whales were spotted around Valentine's Day, this week is the beginning of a peak that will continue for the next month. Volunteers with binoculars and scopes will be on hand at sites up and down the coast to help visitors spot whales.

Whale Watch Week is March 19th through the 26th on the coast.