Wildlife Officials To Drivers: Don't Salvage Any Struck Deer Or Elk Until 2019

Nov 5, 2017

It’s peak season for collisions between cars and deer or elk.  But wildlife officials say for those wanting to salvage any roadkill, that’s not allowed yet.  KLCC’s Brian Bull explains.  

Credit Don Graham / Flickr.com

This time of year is when deer and elk are moving from higher to lower elevations for the winter…and it’s breeding season for the deer.

Michelle Dennehy of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says there’s been lots of calls this year after media reported on the state legislature approving a bill allowing drivers to salvage roadkilled game. 

“And people saw the story and they just assumed that the law was already in effect and it’s not," Dennehy tells KLCC.  "But it will be by January 1st, 2019. 

"As with any new rule affecting wildlife, it’ll go through our Fish and Wildlife Commission. So if you have strong opinions about it, you’re welcome to stay on top of that, and give us your public comments sometime next year as we get that rolling.” 

Rules are still being developed that’ll help discourage poaching or inappropriate gathering of antlers.  For now, any roadkilled animals can be reported to state authorities, who may salvage and donate the meat to local food banks.

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