Wind Gust Blows Part of The Roof Off Popular Newport B&B

Dec 1, 2017

Guests of the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport had a bit of a shock last Sunday during breakfast. A piece of the roof above them was ripped off by a powerful storm.

A microburst windstorm caused damage to the roof of the Silvia Beach Hotel last Sunday.
Credit Cyd Cannizzaro

The historic hotel, perched on a bluff above Nye Beach, is known as a refuge for book lovers. In addition to the structural damage caused by microburst, the third floor library took a hit. Cyd Cannizzaro is Assistant Manager.
“You know, the library’s one of the favorite parts of the hotel so our guests aren’t going to be able to fully enjoy it, which is unfortunate for the folks that are checking in this weekend.”

The library in the Silvia Beach Hotel in Newport.
Credit Silvia Beach Hotel website

Cannizzaro says,  “We’re going to try to get power back up there as soon as we can and, in the meantime, we’re going to let them lounge in our Agatha Christie room.”

Cannizzaro says the hotel will remain open even as contractors are at work on the site even as contractors are at work on the site. They expect repairs to take up to two months. Meanwhile, the coast is expecting a rainy weekend.