Women Veteran Health Services Expanded Through Roseburg V.A.

Nov 18, 2020

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, women are the fastest growing population in the military today. So, the demand for equitable, high-quality health services for women has also increased. Recently, the Roseburg V.A. System made some additions-- just for female vets.

The VA’s Eugene Health Care Center recently unveiled a safe, dedicated, waiting space for women. They’ve also added a Women’s Health Medical Director. Jessica Burnett is the Women’s Veteran Program manager. She said females have been underserved for too long.

Megan Trapp, center, received a Drive Thru Baby Shower sponsored by the Women Veterans Health Care team at the Roseburg VA Health Care Center on Nov. 3, 2020. Trapp, a former sailor, received several baby-related care items during the shower, which was hosted as a drive thru due to RVAHCS’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Credit T.T. Parish
Team members with the Roseburg VA Health Care System gather for the official opening of a Women Veterans waiting room at the Eugene VA Health Care Center, Nov. 6, 2020. The opening was part of a week of Women Veterans-centric events.
Credit Roseburg VA

“We know that if we start to change some of our language that we use within the VA and the health care,” she said. “We know that if we change the language, we change the culture.”

In addition to maternity, postpartum, breast care and cervical screening, Burnett said the center also treats women for mental health issues like PTSD and intimate partner violence. The Center recently held a Drive Thru Baby Shower for pregnant vets.

Burnette noted, across Douglas, Lane, Coos, and Curry counties, there are nearly 5,000 women veterans eligible for services.