Wyden Backs House Democrats' Lawsuit Pushing For Trump Tax Documents

Jul 2, 2019

If House Democrats prevail, six years of President Trump’s tax returns may be disclosed. A lawsuit filed today seeks to enforce subpoenas, a move that Oregon Senator Ron Wyden supports. 

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) at KLCC.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The House Ways and Means Committee filed the suit under a lesser-known section of the tax code called Section 6103.  It allows the chairs of that committee and Senate Finance to request and obtain someone’s tax information for legislative purposes.

Wyden says disclosing one’s tax returns is the lowest ethical bar for any candidate or president.

“Not a high one, the lowest ethical bar," Wyden tells KLCC.

"And the reason it’s so important is those taxes may divulge information about a president’s involvement or a candidate’s involvement in matters that may be detrimental to the interests of the country at large.”

The suit was filed against the Treasury secretary and the IRS commissioner.  Wyden says he’s convinced it’ll succeed.

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