Wyden Fires Up Sessions During Contentious Exchange

Jun 13, 2017

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden riled an otherwise unflappable Jeff Sessions today. 

Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (left) pressed Attorney General Jeff Sessions (right) on matters tied to James Comey's previous testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Credit Screen grab from CNBC.com

During the Attorney General’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Wyden brought up former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by Trump last month based on Session’s recommendation. 

Sessions had previously recused himself from the FBI’s probe into alleged collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. 

In a testy exchange, Wyden plied Sessions on Comey’s recent testimony on the matter. 

Wyden:  "Mr. Comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were “problematic” and he couldn’t talk about them. What are they?"

Sessions:  "I…that….why don’t you tell me?  They are none, Senator Wyden.  There are none.  I can tell you that for absolute certainty." 

Wyden:  "We can…we…"

Sessions:  "You tell…this is a secret innuendo being leaked out there ‘bout me, and I don’t appreciate it.  And I tried to give my best and truthful answers to any committee I’ve appeared before, and it’s…really, ah…people are suggesting through innuendo that I have been not honest about matters, and I’ve tried to be honest.” 

Wyden plied Sessions on whether his signing a letter recommending Comey’s firing violated his recusal.  Sessions denied that it did.  Wyden said that answer didn’t “Pass the smell test”. 

WEB EXTRA: Hear the entirety of Senator Wyden's questions for Attorney General Sessions:

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