Wyden: Mueller's Remarks Reveal Trump As Obstructionist

May 29, 2019

President Trump is not innocent of obstructing justice, and the Special Counsel who spent two years investigating him made that clear today, according to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (left); Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (top right); President Donald Trump (bottom right)
Credit USEmbassytallin; New America; North Charleston / Flickr.com

In a ten-minute statement, Special Counsel Robert Mueller broke his silence on the Russia investigation.  Wyden says Mueller’s words contradict Trump’s declaration that he’d been exonerated.

“If Donald Trump was innocent of obstructing justice, the Special Counsel would say so in his report," says Wyden.  "And he didn’t.”

Wyden also notes that Mueller said Justice Department precedent kept him from charging a sitting president.

“Finally, the Special Counsel made an important point there was a high-level systematic effort by the Russian military intelligence services to attack our democracy," Wyden tells KLCC. 

"And the lack of action by the President and Senate Majority leader is an astounding dereliction of duty.”

Wyden is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, but he doesn’t see his Republican colleagues acting on Mueller’s statements.

And President Trump maintains his innocence of collusion with the Russians.

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