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KLCC’s Barbara Dellenback hosts Oregon Grapevine, conversations with people who are actively and passionately creating the present and future in which they wish to live. The show takes its name from Oregon's state flower, the Oregon Grape, and through it you'll hear candid and compelling conversations on arts and activism, political lobbying, the future of libraries, and unique perspectives on current events.

If you know people taking creative and perceptive action, and making unusual choices in these times, please send us an email.

Oregon Grapevine host Barbara Dellenback talks with Eugene/Springfield Friends of Trees Director Erik Burke on the importance of trees to the health of people and the planet, why it is not always the right decision to plant native trees, and the equity issues around shade.

Oregon Grapevine host Barbara Dellenback and Oregon State Representative Julie Fahey talk about life as a Legislator outside of the Session. They cover constituent services, what to read to keep up to date, relationships across party lines, and touch on several issues of importance to Oregonians.

Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Tao Orion. Tao is a permaculture designer, teacher, and homesteader. Tao and Barbara talk about gardening, graywater systems, food security, and ways to enhance and maintain a healthy planet.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Springfield Interim Planning Manager Sandy Belson about housing solutions. They discuss the rising cost of housing, legislation aimed at creative affordable housing, and efforts to make sure everyone has shelter.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Liz von Wellsheim, Medical Director of Springfield's ElderHealth and Living Memory Village. They discuss the importance of planning for aging, preparing and downsizing, and staying off of ladders.

Jay Eads

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Ayisha Elliott. Elliott is a diversity, equity, and inclusion educator and the founder of the community benefit organization, Kids for the Culture. Elliott is the podcaster, Black Girl From Eugene. 

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Cynthia Beal, the founder of the Natural Burial Company and a self described sustainable cemetery evangelist. They discuss the range of possibilities for burial in Oregon from traditional burials, to cremation, to human composting.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Karl Morgenstern, the Water Restoration Program Manager for the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB).  The McKenzie River is the source of Eugene's drinking water, and Barbara and Karl discuss the condition and protection of the water in the wake of the Holiday Farm Fire of September 2020.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Teressa Raiford, the founder and executive director of Don’t Shoot Portland. The organization is a black-led, community driven non profit in Portland, Oregon which advocates for accountability to create social change in the spaces of human rights and racial justice.

The conversation touches on issues around demilitarizing and defunding the police, and how white people can support communities of color, and art and activism.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with University of Oregon Professor Phil Fisher on a national survey of the affects of the pandemic on families with young children. The conversation covers topics including schooling, housing, shopping for necessities, and the lack of social interactions.

Eugene Public Library

Barbara Dellenback talks with Eugene Library Director Will O'Hearn about library services during, and after, the pandemic. Will we ever browse shelves again? What do libraries offer besides books? How will this democratic service creatively move into the future?

Elizabeth Furse

KLCC's Barbara Dellenback speaks with former Oregon U.S. Representative Elizabeth Furse of Portland.

Representative Furse passed away on April 18, 2021. This conversation took place in January of 2021. 

Furse was the first African-born member of Congress. Her life as an activist began with anti-apartheid work in her native South Africa. She and Barbara talk about Furse's work for social justice and tribal rights. Furse served three terms from Oregon's First Congressional District.

Rob Reynolds

KLCC’s Barbara Dellenback and former Oregon poet laureate Kim Stafford talk about the role of art in social activism. Stafford discusses how he uses the art of the word in many ways, including creating a manifesto titled “A hierarchy of responses to terror in the world.” Stafford discusses the role of the poet laureate, suggests ways to clarify thoughts and actions, and shares a poem.



KLCC’s Barbara Dellenback speaks with Becky Gladstone, President of the League of Women Voters of Oregon. They discuss the relevance of the organization in these political times. Gladstone explains that the organization studies a variety of contemporary topics and issues, and advocates for changes in policy, and legislation. She says that politicians and organizations and leaders come to the League to get non-biased information on a variety of issues.