Stealth Drive FAQs

What is a Stealth Drive?

Stealth Drive is a 3 week quest for new and renewing members to financially support KLCC that does NOT interrupt any regular programming.  All of the on-air requests air during normal program breaks.  No segments of programs will be pre-empted for contribution requests.  If our goal is reached by the end of Stealth Drive, Radiothon will not happen!!

How is it different from a traditional drive?

During Radiothon, we must pre-empt segments of programming to provide room for fundraising pitches.  The Stealth Drive pre-empts absolutely no programming!  All programs air in their entirety!  Fundraising requests take place when you would normally hear what's coming up next or about an upcoming KLCC event.  Our normal "Thon Buster" campaigns were 8 weeks long, followed by a week of Radiothon.  This drive is designed to be short and sweet!  Three weeks of Stealth and No Radiothon!! 

What about Sustainers?

We love Sustainers!!  Thanks to the ongoing support from our Sustainers, our fund drive goals are significantly less than they used to be.  Sustainers help fund KLCC year round, making our drives shorter and more efficient.  Sustainers need only to sit back and enjoy uninterrupted programming.  And Sustainers are entered in all major prize drawings! 

Is this the new normal?

Yes!  We much prefer to raise the necessary funds without taking up valuable programming time. 

What if we don't make our goal in 3 weeks?

Then we will hold a very short on-air Radiothon to complete the drive.  We are hoping that will be completely unnecessary, thanks to your support of our Stealth Drive!

Why do you have to do this at all?

Because public radio is supported by the people that use it!  Two thirds of our funding comes from the listening community. This is how we pay for your favorite programs.  Thanks for your support!!

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