2021 Oregon legislative session

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With Oregon lawmakers meeting inside the capitol Monday to draw up new political boundaries, a group that advocates for renters held a press conference outside the building to call for action on extending an eviction moratorium that expired in June.


Brian Bull, KLCC

A new law will require death reports in Oregon to indicate whether the person who died was experiencing homelessness.


Oregon Legislature

Oregon state Rep. Gary Leif, R-Roseburg, has died.


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Oregon’s newest state representative took the oath of office at the Oregon Capitol Monday.

Oregon Legislature

Upcoming legislative sessions in Oregon will be more accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.


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Officials in Newport say newly-approved state funding will allow preliminary work on the overhaul of the dams that supply the city’s drinking water.


Oregon State University

Before they adjourned their legislative session on Saturday, Oregon lawmakers approved funding for three major construction projects at Oregon State University.


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People whose homes were damaged or destroyed in last year’s Oregon wildfires would have an easier time getting property tax relief under a bill approved Friday by state lawmakers.

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Oregon lawmakers have approved a bill that would delay the state’s new paid family and medical leave program.


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Oregon lawmakers want to make it easier for people to serve on state boards or commissions.

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The Oregon Senate voted Wednesday to advance a measure that would allow cities and counties to more-than-triple their marijuana tax, from three percent to as high as 10 percent.

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Oregon’s recycling programs would see some changes under a bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday in the state Senate.


Lincoln City Cultural Center

As Oregon lawmakers decide how to divy up $240 million in federal pandemic relief, one cultural institution on the coast is hoping that potential state funding doesn’t disappear twice in two years.


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Oregon lawmakers are advancing a bill that aims to create more support for LGBTQ+ students.



Brian Bull / KLCC

Oregon lawmakers are considering a measure that could potentially allow cities and counties to more than triple their marijuana tax.


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The Oregon legislative session will likely last well into next week, according to House Speaker Tina Kotek. The Portland Democrat spoke to reporters during a virtual press conference Monday afternoon.


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Disposable wipes sold in Oregon will soon have to come with a label that says “Do Not Flush.”


Chris Lehman / KLCC

The 2021 legislative session is winding down and gaining momentum as lawmakers jockey for funding priorities in their districts. And this week, legislators might expel one of their own members. We get an update from KLCC's Chris Lehman.

Chris Lehman / KLCC

The Oregon House voted Tuesday to delay the rollout of the state’s new paid family leave program.

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Oregonians could buy certain cold medicines without a prescription under a bill approved Monday by the Oregon Senate.



Oregon lawmakers have approved a bill that would allow the state’s Department of Environmental Quality to consider an applicant’s history when deciding whether to issue a permit.

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The Oregon Senate Thursday voted down a bill that would have required homeowners associations to allow residents to grow gardens, raise hens, and keep bees.

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Oregon lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday that would limit the use of military surplus items by local law enforcement agencies.


Oregon Legislature

Oregon lawmakers advanced a bill Tuesday that would make Juneteenth an official state holiday.


Oregon lawmakers gave final approval Wednesday to a bill that would ban the sale of vaping products over the internet.


Vietnam War Memorial Fund

Oregon lawmakers got a tour of the proposed site of a memorial honoring Vietnam War veterans Tuesday.


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The Oregon Employment Department says it won’t be able to roll out a new program for paid family leave in time to meet a legislative deadline.


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Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would require people to inform everyone on a video call if they plan to record the call.


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Insurance companies would not be allowed to refuse payment on claims for deaths resulting from terrorist attacks, through a bill approved by Oregon lawmakers.


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Oregon lawmakers have approved a bill that would more than double the amount of wine that Oregon wineries could ship to customers by mail.