Black Lives Matter

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A group of at least 100 protesters gathered at Peterson Park in Eugene on Monday in remembrance of Summer Taylor, who was killed during a hit and run at a protest in Seattle over the weekend. 

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A Black Lives Matter protest in the unincorporated community of Deadwood on Saturday attracted up to 60 attendees. Organizers planned the event as an outlet for children to stand in solidarity with the widespread movement. It's only one step organizers said they are taking in the fight for racial justice in their community.

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A Black Unity activist suspects “pure anger” was behind a driver’s motive for striking him with his vehicle at a children’s march last month.

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On this episode of the Northwest Passage podcast, tensions between police and protesters in Springfield flair, a hit-and-run during a peaceful children's march leads to increased friction between protesters and the Eugene Police Department, meanwhile EPD says they have plans for reform.

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The Eugene Police Department has unveiled its initial steps toward reform in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the nationwide protests that followed. 

Elizabeth Gabriel

A Eugene Police investigation of a hit and run that injured a prominent Black Lives Matter activist last Sunday is almost complete.

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As some Market of Choice employees protest their inability to wear Black Lives Matter face masks, other acts of discrimination are coming to light. Now, employees are fighting to feel comfortable in the workplace.

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The May 25 death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody has sparked national outrage, and has reignited the Black Lives Matter Movement in towns and cities across the country. In Eugene and Springfield protesters have held marches nearly every day since May 29.

Melorie Begay

Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner says his department is investigating a collision between a car and a Black Unity protester Sunday. 

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Dozens of people protested outside of Market of Choice in Eugene Monday.

Kendall Hocking

Employees at Market of Choice in Eugene plan to protest outside of the Willamette Street store today [Monday] to protest the company’s unwillingness to allow them to wear masks that say “Black Lives Matter”.

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Saturday evening, Black Unity supporters met in downtown Springfield to protest against police brutality. The march was in response to Friday’s events.

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Friday evening, Black Unity supporters gathered in Springfield to spread awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement. But tensions escalated between protesters and the police.

The Oregon Health Authority says Black Lives Matter demonstrations have not contributed significantly to the spike in coronavirus cases around the state.

During a Friday morning press conference, Oregon State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger said that although some individuals who tested positive reported they did attend demonstrations, the agency has not seen large clusters in cases or gathered evidence of transmission in these settings.

Eugene Police Department

Eugene Police say they’ve arrested a man who not only participated in the May 29th riot that trashed businesses near the downtown, but also took time to rob a looting suspect.

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Black Unity protesters marched in Eugene Wednesday night in what the group calls an education protest. Approximately 150 people marched through the Whiteaker neighborhood.


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On Wednesday, the Eugene 4J school board held a special meeting to approve a resolution related to anti-racism and equity. The board said they are committed to using district resources to provide meaningful learning environments for all students.

City of Eugene


Eugene City Councilors unanimously voted (8-0) to adopt the City Budget without any amendments Monday night. Councilors made the decision after facing heavy criticism from speakers who demanded the city reallocate police funds to other services. 


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Monday evening, community members gathered in downtown Springfield to support local police.

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Protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have been pushing for defunding police in the wake of recent police killings of African-Americans.

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Less than a day after it was finished, a large “BLACK LIVES MATTER” mural painted outside the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse in Eugene was vandalized. 

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In these times of social unrest, many historic ties to racism are being revisited. That’s been seen recently in everything from the toppling of statues to the rebranding of pancake syrup.  Now as KLCC’s Brian Bull explains, the next step could change the very name of Lane County.

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Friday morning, activists with Eugene BIPOC Artists Collective painted "BLACK LIVES MATTER" on the 8th Avenue side of the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse.

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An acclaimed traveling activist and philanthropist came through Eugene today.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, his arrival reflects an ongoing problem for Black Americans, everywhere.

Black Unity

Eugene hasn’t had a large-scale Juneteenth celebration in decades, but this weekend there are two. 

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On Wednesday, the Eugene 4J school board voted to renew their contract with the Eugene Police Department for six more months.

The vote—which was 6-1—passed with school board member Jim Torrey opposed.

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This week, local chefs are participating in a good old-fashioned bake sale to raise money for organizations that fight racism. “Bakers Against Racism” is a national effort.

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The Eugene 4J school board will vote Wednesday whether to renew their contract with the Eugene Police Department for another year. Over the past few days, many local Black Lives Matter protesters have said they support the removal of school resource officers (SROs).

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The two Pioneer statues that protesters toppled Saturday will not be returned to their pedestals on the University of Oregon campus. UO President Michael Schill made the announcement in a letter to the campus community Monday. 

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Several hundred people marched in Lebanon, Oregon on Sunday to denounce racism and promote unity.