Blood Drive

American Red Cross

When blood is donated, it’s tested for diseases like HIV and Hepatitis before being sent to hospitals for use. Now, for a limited time, The American Red Cross will test all blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies and notify donors whether they have been exposed to the virus.

Brian Bull / KLCC

A lot of hard work has gone into The Very Little Theatre’s latest show, “Dracula”, which opens Friday.  Production staff hope the story of a blood-sucking monster is a draining experience for the audience, too. KLCC’s Brian Bull explains.

Lane Blood Center

Lane Blood Center says recent trauma situations in area hospitals and reduced mobile blood drives have depleted inventories of negative blood types-- particularly the highly coveted-- “O” negative. They are actively seeking donations.

Some people give blood as a matter of course. When their eligibility comes back around, they show up at the blood bank, roll up their sleeve and donate. It’s all over in about 45 minutes. According to the Lane Blood Center, every donation saves up to three lives.

13th Annual Civil War Blood Drive

Nov 10, 2014
Lane Blood Center

At the end of the month, the Ducks and the Beavers will face off on the football field for the annual Civil War game. For over a decade, Oregonians have been getting involved in the competition themselves by donating blood. 

The Civil War Blood Drive has seen more than 85,000 people donate blood in the past 12 years. Now in its 13th year, Drive sponsors hope to see its largest turnout. Kristi McElhinney from Lane Blood Center shares why the event is so successful: