Lane County

Oregon State Marine Patrol deputies are warning boaters in Lane County about an obstruction on the McKenzie River. Two downed trees block a section one mile downstream from the Bellinger boat landing.

Lower Water Level Means Hazardous Waterways

Jul 24, 2014

Less snow pack and below average rainfall is exposing previously unseen hazards on Oregon's waterways. The Marine Board says a fatality on the North Santiam River last weekend was directly related to the lower water level.

Shallow conditions mean more stumps, rocks, logs, and other obstacles exposed or just beneath the surface. Oregon Marine Board Spokeswoman Ashley Massey says a concerning area is a section of the North Santiam just after the Buell Miller Boat Ramp.

Do you kayak, canoe or paddle? The Oregon State Marine Board is looking for input from non-motorized boaters. They’ve been on the road since early June and are in Eugene today (Tuesday) and in Bend Thursday.

Scott Brewen is a director with the Oregon State Marine Board. He says for the first time in the state’s history, non-motorized boating is more popular than motor-boating:

Brewwen: “In all different types of boating from flat water to white water, kayaking, canoes, stand up paddleboard, we’re seeing growth in all areas so it’s pretty exciting.”