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Health care providers are urging people to get vaccinated against Influenza. One of the most vulnerable populations is the homeless. White Bird Medical Clinic is hitting the road Friday to offer free flu shots at a another non-profit agency in Eugene.

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This Fourth of July marks 30 years since CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) launched in Eugene.  The mobile crisis intervention service has steadily grown through the decades. And not only is it still expanding, other communities are exploring their own version of CAHOOTS.  KLCC’s Brian Bull explains in the second half of our two-part series.

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30 years ago this month, the White Bird Clinic and City of Eugene launched a mobile crisis intervention service. The joke goes that the vans were staffed by counter-culture hippies trained in mental health, who were in “cahoots” with police.  But “CAHOOTS” is the acronym for “Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets.”  And in the first of our two-part series, KLCC’s Brian Bull accompanies a pair of CAHOOTS workers as they respond to calls across the city.  

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Expanded walk-in services and a telephone crisis line are part of White Bird Clinic’s new crisis center being developed near Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood.

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The City of Eugene’s latest budget includes more than $280,000 to boost a mobile crisis intervention program that serves the area.


A crisis response program in Eugene is getting national attention after a Wall Street Journal article came out last month. CAHOOTS has been operating for nearly 30 years. It became a 24 hour / daily service only 2 years ago. 

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A mobile crisis counseling service is making itself available to more area high schools this fall. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

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Air Date: July 24, 2017

White Bird Clinic

Friends, family and countless members of Eugene's homeless community have lost a tireless advocate. Robert "Bob" Dritz, one of the earliest administrators of White Bird Clinic, died peacefully in hospice on January 15th.  For this tribute, KLCC's Tiffany Eckert sat down with two of his colleagues at White Bird to talk about the man and his legacy.

CAHOOTS Will Now Operate 24/7 In Eugene

Jan 1, 2017
White Bird Clinic

As mental health services are getting cut, one vital resource in Eugene is expanding. CAHOOTS crisis assistance will now operate 24-hours a day.

Community Supported Shelters

White Bird Health Clinic is partnering with Eugene's Community Supported Shelters to provide a temporary shelter for people in mental health crisis. It's at the Roosevelt Safe Spot, a rest stop for the homeless.

Beginning Wednesday a new partnership is bringing a mobile crisis intervention team to Springfield and Glenwood.

Since 1989, White Bird in Eugene has operated two CAHOOTS vans. It stands for Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets.

Paid for with a grant from Lane County, there will be one CAHOOTS van dedicated to serving those in need in Springfield and Glenwood. The van is staffed with a mental health crisis worker and an emergency medical technician.

Niel Laudati is Spokesman for the City of Springfield.