City of Corvallis

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A group of activists pitched their tents in front of Corvallis City Hall Thursday to protest city policies regarding unhoused people.

Thousands of people in the Corvallis area will be asked to leave their homes Saturday morning as part of a wildfire evacuation drill.


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Benton County doesn’t think it belongs in the “Extreme Risk” category of the state’s coronavirus risk levels. They’re asking the state to reconsider the way it determines those designations.


Oregon State University

Oregon State University has set a goal of reducing the number of times its students and employees drive to campus alone.


City of Corvallis

At least one holiday tradition in Corvallis will continue this year.

Updated 8/29, 3:42 pm: The Corvallis Police Department reports that Ava Carey has been located and is safe in a neighboring state. Ava had been missing since August 20, 2020 when she did not return home. In a release, Ava’s family and the Corvallis Police Department expressed thanks to the community for the outpouring of support and assistance in locating Ava.

Original story:

Police in Corvallis are expanding their efforts to find a 16-year-old girl who’s been missing for more than a week.

Corvallis City Club

The cities of Corvallis and Albany re-opened many of their offices to the public Monday for the first time since late March.

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County government offices in Benton County will re-open to the public on Tuesday, May 26.  

City of Corvallis

While parts of Oregon have now entered phase one of the coronavirus re-opening plan, it doesn’t mean local government services are back to normal.

City of Corvallis

With toilet paper a scarce commodity on store shelves these days, some people are turning to so-called “flushable wipes” instead. But that’s leading to another potential problem.

City of Corvallis

Work starts next week on a new set of flashing lights at several crosswalks in south Corvallis, along a street where an 11-year-old girl was struck and killed this month.

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Corvallis is in good shape, but not without its challenges. That was the message Wednesday from Mayor Biff Traber during his annual State of the City address.

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For the second time this year, the city of Corvallis is seeking input on what to call its community center.

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The City of Corvallis is renaming its community center after local Native Americans said the current name is culturally insensitive. It’s called the “Chintimini Senior and Community Center.” Chintinimi is a Kalapuya word and the center has had that name for decades.

Amid a massive renovation project, the city decided to reach out to Native Americans to see what they thought of the name. Their response: Maybe don’t use that word. 

City of Corvallis

Businesses and residents in Corvallis are seeing a new fee on their utility bills this month. The money will go toward hiring more firefighters and police officers.

The fee was approved by Corvallis City Council and will cost the about $17 per month per single-family home. The city expects the new fees to bring in about four-and-a-half million dollars per year.

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If you want to vote in the May 21 election, you’ll have to return your ballot by using a drop box. It’s too late to mail ballots to ensure they’ll arrive on time.

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Voters in Corvallis will decide in May whether to approve a tax levy that would fund the city’s library, parks and swimming pool.

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Technicians at the Corvallis Waste Water Plant went on a one-day blitz to identify ways the 65-year-old facility could save energy.

City of Corvallis

Voters in Corvallis approved the city’s first ever Urban Renewal District during a special election this month. The district includes a section of the city known as South Corvallis. 

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The City of Corvallis decreased their greenhouse gas emissions each year since 2013, according to a new study released from the city.

The survey found that city-related gas emissions dropped about 2.7 percent annually. It’s the first survey conducted since the passage of the city’s 2016 Climate Action Plan.

Corvallis Continues to Implement Climate Action Plan

Apr 20, 2018

Every year since 1970, April 22nd has marked Earth Day. Over time, the day has grown into a worldwide movement and a moment to highlight environmental issues. As KLCC’s Deonna Anderson reports, some cities – including Corvallis – are making every day Earth Day.

Rachael McDonald

It’s hard to find a place to live in Corvallis. The college town with a population of more than 58,000 is in the midst of a housing crunch.

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When you think about homelessness in Oregon, you may picture tent cities along Portland’s freeways, or transients gathering in Eugene’s Kesey Square.  But the City of Corvallis is also trying to troubleshoot a steadily growing issue in the area, with the highest level of income inequality among all Oregon cities. As part of our 50th anniversary tour, KLCC’s Brian Bull gives us this snapshot of how the city of 58,000 people is dealing with homelessness.

City of Corvallis

The City of Corvallis is seeking public input in how it should grow in the future.  Thursday (11/30) is the deadline for an online survey on land use policies.

Walls Go Up On New Teen Center in Corvallis

Nov 14, 2017
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The Corvallis Boys and Girls Club has finally reached their 6 million dollar goal to put up walls on their new teen center. The walls went up Tuesday.

City of Corvallis

The City of Corvallis is now running its airport on solar power. They’ve installed and switched on a new 110-thousand kilowatt hour solar array.

Corvallis's Sunset Park Now Has Restored Wetlands

Aug 1, 2016
City of Corvallis

Restoration of a Corvallis park finally concluded this July after 10 years. Part of the $120,000 project turned an old softball field in to a natural wetland area. The field flooded much of the year, the new natural area is accessible year-round.

Rachael McDonald

Voters in Benton County have rejected a bond measure to build a new jail. In Tuesday's special election, 52.44% of voters said no to the county's proposal. 47.56 said yes.

Amanda Butt

Living on the street is difficult for anyone to do, but surviving without walls presents even greater dangers to women.

On a Saturday morning, a church in Corvallis fills slowly with people looking to fill their stomachs with warm breakfast food. Within the crowd is Marge Pettitt, a homeless activist in the community. She is friendly and repeatedly stops eating to give hugs to people she knows. But when she’s on the street, she’s cautious whenever she comes across strangers.

The state, universities and local governments have invested in startup companies through the Oregon RAIN program. A cohort of five new businesses in Corvallis has just graduated.

The OSU Advantage Accelerator has been around since the summer of 2013. Mark Lieberman is co-director. He says over time, they’ve made the program more formal and rigorous:

Lieberman: “Entrepreneurship is generally a marathon and not a sprint, but the acceleration program is to get them to the starting line and that is truly a sprint.”