As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases climbed to nearly 180 inmates and staff in Oregon's prison system, Democratic state lawmakers unveiled a proposal Monday to consider the release of about 1,975 adults in state custody.

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Oregon State University says it plans to expand its door-to-door coronavirus testing project to a community on the Oregon coast that’s been hard-hit by COVID-19.


A local Code for America Brigade in Eugene is helping people navigate business and services, while Lane County works toward economic recovery.

City of Newport

Over the weekend, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 grew to 206 in coastal Lincoln County. So far, no one there is known to have died of the virus.

Oregon's largest coronavirus outbreak is linked to the state's prison system. But some women at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville say that despite the risk of living in close quarters, they are being held beyond their scheduled release dates.

The prison had suspended the programs March 13, the same date it suspended visitors and volunteers, causing some inmates’ release dates to be postponed for months. 

UPDATE (11:13 a.m. PT) — The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Friday against a group of churches and public officials from Eastern Oregon who challenged Gov. Kate Brown's executive orders aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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PeaceHealth Oregon has adjusted the visitor policy in its hospitals and freestanding clinics. Now, patients who are neither COVID-19 suspect or positive, are allowed one visitor, or two—approved on a case-by-case basis.

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Officials in Lincoln County are working to get a handle on an outbreak of COVID-19 that started at a seafood processing plant and is spreading through community transmission.

UPDATE (7:19 p.m. PT) — Oregon officials announced guidance Friday for Oregon universities on how to operate safely during the ongoing pandemic. For months, colleges and universities across the state have gone online. But higher education officials don’t expect that approach this fall. 

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Lincoln County has the highest infection rate for coronavirus in the state right now, linked to an outbreak at a seafood processing plant. The current number of known positive cases is 184— up from 10 cases a week and a half ago.

Language barriers are complicating efforts to contain a large outbreak of COVID-19 that has hit the coastal community of Newport, infecting more than 120 workers employed by Pacific Seafood at several of its processing plants. 

The Newport outbreak is sending shockwaves through the coastal city. County public health officials now say there is a significant risk transmission is happening in the community.

Lane County Public Health video

Eugene’s State of Emergency, declared at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic three months ago, has expired. 

UPDATE (7:36 p.m. PT) — Multnomah County will not reopen Friday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced late Thursday. The county failed to meet the criteria for entering Phase 1 of Oregon's coronavirus reopening plan.

The governor will, in fact, pause all county applications to reopen or advance to Phase 2 for a week following a spike in cases, she said in a written statement. The Oregon Health Authority on Thursday confirmed the most cases of COVID-19 in a single day since the start of the pandemic, reporting 178 confirmed or presumptive cases.

Oregon State University

Researchers from Oregon State University say a weekend of door-to-door testing for the coronavirus in Bend shows that community has a very low rate of COVID-19.

UPDATE (3:31 p.m. PT) — School will look very different next fall for Oregon students. 

The Oregon Department of Education has released a “blueprint” for how schools should operate amid COVID-19. Every school district now needs to draft plans that integrate public health, class instruction and community engagement.

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The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns have been especially hard on seniors who were expecting to celebrate major milestones this season, including graduation. But a South Eugene High schooler is making do with the changes. 

City of Springfield

As counties across Oregon continue to re-open, so do local libraries. KLCC’s Aubrey Bulkeley found out how some are adapting to new restrictions. 

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Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden has given a week’s notice to a federal forest official, to better explain how firefighters and rural communities will be safe from both COVID-19 and wildfires this season.

UPDATE (6:14 p.m. PT) — Gov. Kate Brown is calling for more widespread testing of the novel coronavirus in long-term care facilities as the virus continues to ravage the elderly living in confined spaces. The state will begin testing facilities considered at highest risk, according to a press release from the governor’s office Tuesday evening.

The call for widespread testing comes with a caveat, however; it is dependent on the federal government supplying the necessary testing materials, according to the release.

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Nearing its 31st anniversary, Eugene’s mobile intervention service, CAHOOTS – which stands for “Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets” – is busier than ever…and needing help.

City of Newport

Officials on the Oregon coast are trying to contain an outbreak of COVID-19 that’s affected dozens of people associated with a seafood processing plant.

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Starting today (June 8) low-income Lane County residents can apply for energy assistance funding made available by the federal government. A total of $575,000 has been made available to the county known as LP20 CARES.

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From the City Club of Eugene:

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After both the City of Eugene and Lane County decided to close temporary emergency COVID-19 respite centers and camps, more than 100 protesters convened at a parking lot on Friday. 

Oregon’s most densely populated county applied Friday to begin Gov. Kate Brown’s reopening plan, becoming the last county in the state to do so.

As other counties in the state begin moving into Phase 2, Multnomah County can now enter Phase 1 as soon as next Friday, June 12, if its application is approved.

City of Eugene

As Lane County continues to reopen, the City of Eugene has a new program to help restaurants increase dining capacity. The  City of Eugene’s Anne Fifield says the “Streateries” program helps restaurants by adding dining areas in places like sidewalks and street parking. 

Chris Hecht

Many advocates in Lane County are worried about the chronically unhoused and what will happen to them after today’s (Friday) closure of two COVID-Relief respite shelters. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reached out to White Bird Clinic—an organization with 50 years’ experience of helping people on the streets. Executive Coordinator Chris Hecht talks about his concerns and what kinds of solutions they advocate for.

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With traditional graduation ceremonies postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus this year, some Oregon school districts are honoring their graduates in other ways.

Tiffany Eckert

In late March, Lane County opened two temporary homeless shelters to provide respite during the COVID-19 pandemic. County officials say those centers will close Friday morning. Plans for where scores of unhoused people will be allowed to relocate remain uncertain.