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U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, is calling on state lawmakers to pass legislation to eliminate the state tax liability owed by Oregonians on federal stimulus payments.


Centers for Disease Control

Winter storms in the southern U.S. have delayed the shipment of COVID-19 vaccines reserved for some in need of second doses in Lane County. But, officials say this won’t harm the effectiveness of the vaccine. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Oregon’s shipment of tens of thousands of doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will be delayed this week, officials learned on Wednesday. Frigid temperatures and storms in the southeastern U.S. have grounded flights and disrupted shipping across the country. As of Wednesday, Oregon’s doses were still stuck in Memphis, Tennessee.

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon made national news recently after four people tested positive for COVID-19 at least two weeks after they were fully vaccinated. Two of the so-called “break-through” cases are in Lane County.

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Over the weekend, Lane County Public Health had its most challenging COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic to date. Officials say about 15% of the people who showed up didn’t have an appointment.

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Four Oregonians have tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated against the disease, Oregon health officials disclosed Friday. The Oregon Health Authority said two of the cases were in Lane County and two were in Yamhill County.

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Like many industries, Oregon’s wineries have taken an economic hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. But one owner isn’t crying sour grapes.

State of Oregon

Many county public health departments in Oregon say they’re not getting enough COVID-19 vaccine doses from the state. That includes Lincoln and Douglas County.


On Thursday, Douglas County reported the highest single-day new COVID-19 case count since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Oakridge School District


An inquiry into the Oakridge School District Superintendent has been completed after community members petitioned for her removal. The investigator reports the superintendent’s removal is not warranted.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Lane County health officials are hopeful the coronavirus vaccine supply will be more consistent in the future in order to operate mass vaccination clinics. The county plans to administer first doses to 1,500 people aged 80 and over on Sunday. That clinic is full with a waiting list.


On Tuesday, the Oregon Health Authority ordered Lane County to remain in the “Extreme risk” category for COVID-19 transmission.  This, while 12 other Oregon counties are downgraded.

A day after Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and health officials announced that 10 counties would be able to relax restrictions on certain business and social activities, state leaders signaled another area where COVID-19 limitations will be softened to allow more activities: sports.

Under new guidance, student-athletes in K-12 schools and at smaller colleges will be able to join their counterparts at larger universities where practices and games have been going on for months.

Oregon State University

COVID-19 continues to be prevalent in the city of Redmond, according to results released this week by Oregon State University’s TRACE program.


COVID-19 risk levels have improved enough to allow limited indoor dining to resume in 10 more Oregon counties on Friday. That includes the Portland metro area, where inside service at bars and restaurants has been banned since November.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon announced Tuesday that graduation will be virtual again this year.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

With so many people in priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination, public health departments must make hard decisions on how to best use the insufficient amount of doses allocated to them each week. Now, it’s about the elderly.


Falling COVID-19 case counts mean Linn and Deschutes Counties are among 10 Oregon counties that will improve to ‘High Risk” or "Moderate Risk" under Gov. Kate Brown’s public health framework, starting this Friday.

Oregon started rolling out COVID-19 vaccines Monday to people age 80 and over. It’s the first stage of Oregon’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout to seniors. Over the course of the next four weeks, the number of people eligible to get vaccinated will more than double, as people 65 and over become eligible, one age bracket at a time. How each person will get vaccinated will depend on where they live — the process is going to look very different in every county. Oregon Health Authority officials anticipate “chaos” as new systems are tested.

Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County

Amidst remote work, job loss and economic uncertainty during the pandemic, many families have also faced a new need and expense: child-care for their school-aged kids. Here’s how one coastal Oregon town helped fill the gap.

The inside of the Sky Lakes COVID ICU is eerily quiet on a Tuesday afternoon. A few nurses filter through wearing scrubs. Patients are shut in private rooms and folding tables are covered with boxes of gloves, disinfectants and respirator hoods.

“There's a lot of clutter,” says ICU Director Christie Wiles. “By nature, ICU nurses are very neat and tidy and a little bit OCD, so this drives everyone crazy. But it's really necessary to have everything right where they need it.”

Their ICU is set up for 14 patients. Currently they have eight, Wiles says.

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Oregon officials, increasingly confident about COVID-19 vaccine supply, are speeding up their vaccination timeline. Officials say the increased supply will help them give a first dose to a majority of Oregon’s seniors by early April. That means the state can move on to other groups almost a month earlier than previously expected.

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As the Eugene 4J school district prepares for hybrid learning, the district is taking stock of their personal protective equipment. 4J plans to have different types of PPE in schools.

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On this week's Friday Show we spoke with Lane Education Service District Superintendent Tony Scurto about vaccination efforts among public school teachers and staff and about school plans for returning to in-person learning. And Dr. Patrick Luedtke with Lane County Public Health shared updates on coronavirus numbers, vaccine availability and took listener questions. 

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The Oregon Health Authority says the rate of new HIV diagnoses (2008-2017) among Black Oregonians is nearly five times that of whites. To confront this disparity, the NAACP will host two free events in Eugene this weekend-- to engage the Black community in HIV prevention strategies. 

Oregon State University

Students graduating from Oregon State University this spring won’t receive their diplomas in person. OSU announced that this year’s commencement ceremonies will be held virtually due to the pandemic.


Eugene 4J School District


The Eugene 4J school district announced they will not resume in-person learning until staff for returning grade levels have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

For the first time in recorded history, deaths outnumbered births in Oregon.

For years, Oregon’s been averaging about 1,500 more births a year, than deaths. But since the great recession in 2008, that average has gradually been dropping.

Josh Lehner, with the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, said COVID-related deaths last year finally pushed the number into negative territory — not by a lot — but about 200 more Oregonians died last year than were born.


Super Bowl is this Sunday and the message from Lane County Public Health is “please don’t gather with multiple households.”