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The University of Oregon has seen a spike in students and employees testing positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

191 people associated with UO have tested positive in the past 14 days. That includes 103 on-campus students, 85 off-campus students and three employees. 

In all of December, the university reported a total combined 103 students and employees with positive test results.

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As COVID-19 vaccines are administered across Oregon, a big part of their reception by residents will depend on messaging.

Oregon Health Authority

Lane County Public Health officials announced they will hold two COVID-19 vaccination clinics this weekend. The mass vax opportunities are only for high-risk health care providers in a specific group.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clinical trials for coronavirus vaccines continue and volunteers are still needed. Velocity Clinical Research in Medford is currently recruiting up to 400 people to take part in coronavirus vaccine studies.

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The City of Eugene wants locals to help inform officials on how COVID-19 has affected them, through an online survey.

UO Institute For Policy Research and Engagement

A recent survey conducted by researchers with the University of Oregon asked a random sample of state residents about their stance on masking, social distancing and getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Results indicate Oregonians are not 'all in' on prevention tactics. 

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Lane County Public Health is offering two free COVID-19 testing opportunities for Eugene 4J families and staff.

Lane Transit District


Lane Transit District will resume collecting bus fare on all routes starting Monday, Feb. 1.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Lane County Public Health officials announced Tuesday they have seen the first patient to be diagnosed with both COVID-19 and Influenza.

OSU Cascades

Oregon State University researchers in Bend are trying to understand how different communities, both nationally and locally, have responded to public health messaging about the coronavirus pandemic.

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2020 is almost over.  And many say: good riddance. The COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, riots, politics, and recession have all left their mark on Oregonians’ psyche…though there was a bright spot or two.

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Losing a loved one - especially a child – is devastating. Jennifer Phillips of Eugene has felt that pain twice. Her 19-year-old daughter, Jessica Frank, was murdered four years ago by a man she met online…while her son, Chad Frank, died of COVID-19 last month at the age of 30.  KLCC’s Brian Bull met with Phillips, a registered nurse, and asked how she was holding up through the holiday season.


Even in the best of times, holidays can be stressful. Add a global pandemic and social isolation to the mix and you could have the recipe for high anxiety or deep depression. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert spoke to a mental health expert about facing hard choices and finding balance.


Even in the best of times, holidays can be stressful. Add a global pandemic and social isolation to the mix and you could have the recipe for high anxiety or deep depression. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert spoke to a mental health expert about facing hard choices and finding balance.

Oregon Health Authority

A workgroup of nationally acclaimed scientists with expertise in immunization and public health has determined that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is safe and efficacious for use in the Western United States.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A long-awaited shipment of 35,100 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Oregon hospitals has been completed, the state announced Friday.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The first shipment of 975 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer arrived in Lane County Thursday. It's being held in a deep cold storage at an undisclosed location. 

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COVID-19 has disrupted many traditions this holiday season, including kids’ visits with Santa at malls, churches, and other gathering spots. But the jolly old elf won’t let the pandemic spoil the fun.

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A Florence restaurateur is petitioning Governor Kate Brown to change how COVID-19 risk is assessed across Oregon.

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For Oregonians that have been struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 crisis, the next few weeks could be dire.

Elder Health and Living Memory Care Village

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, visitors to senior care facilities are restricted. With the holiday season at hand, a memory care facility in Springfield is switching things up to keep residents connected.

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More than $200 million in direct payments were made from the U.S. Treasury Department to Oregon tribes this year. It was part of the CARES Act of 2020, to help native communities’ emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the allocated money must be spent by year’s end, which puts the tribes in a bit of a bind.

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COVID-19 clusters in long term care facilities and nursing homes represent the bulk of the outbreaks in Lane County. Public Health announced Thursday five new deaths from the virus, all people over the age of 75.

World Health Organization

As of Tuesday, Lane County has lost 59 residents to COVID-19. Following a predictable trend, mortality continues to increase among the elder population.

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For thousands of Oregonians unable to pay their rent, the next four weeks will be crucial.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Lane County Public Health Department reported 251 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 over the Dec. 5-Dec. 6  weekend. This makes 4,976 cases for Lane County since the start of the pandemic.

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From City Club of Eugene:

As feared, the combination of colder weather and “pandemic fatigue” is producing a spike in Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Oregon and around the country.  As daily infection figures in Oregon soared above 1,000 for the first time, Governor Kate Brown issued a two-week “freeze”— effective November 18— with additional restrictions on businesses and public and private gatherings.


With concerns about hospital capacity and staffing, local hospital officials are urging the public to stay vigilant about protecting themselves and others from COVID-19.

Douglas County

Douglas County has a new tool against COVID-19: a mobile medical unit that’s the first of two arriving this month, according to commissioners.

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The 45-foot, 35,000 pound vehicle was purchased with federal CARES Act Grant money for rural health initiatives.

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The two-week “freeze” enacted by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown expires Thursday, Dec. 3. But most counties will still face significant restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.