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As the pandemic continues, families in the Eugene 4J school district are trying to navigate online learning, as well as the future reopening of school buildings. But students have another option for extended online learning.

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The Eugene 4J school district announced Tuesday the entire fall trimester will be online. This is an update from 4J’s previous announcement to only have online learning for roughly the first four weeks of the school year.

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The Eugene 4J school district will hold virtual information sessions over the next two weeks about reopening for the fall. According to a press release, at least the first four weeks of the school year will be online.

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An on-going rat problem has prompted Eugene’s 4J school district to place low-impact rodenticide in traps around South Eugene High’s Performing Arts area and the IOP courtyard.

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On Wednesday, the Eugene 4J school board held a special meeting to approve a resolution related to anti-racism and equity. The board said they are committed to using district resources to provide meaningful learning environments for all students.

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On Wednesday, the Eugene 4J school board voted to renew their contract with the Eugene Police Department for six more months.

The vote—which was 6-1—passed with school board member Jim Torrey opposed.

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The Eugene 4J school board will vote Wednesday whether to renew their contract with the Eugene Police Department for another year. Over the past few days, many local Black Lives Matter protesters have said they support the removal of school resource officers (SROs).

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As K-12 schools complete the remainder of the academic year online, encouraging students to login for classes can be difficult. But the Eugene 4J district’s efforts to keep students engaged seems to be working.

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As school districts prepare for impending state budget cuts, they’re trying to find ways to lower costs. Now, Eugene 4J is looking at reducing some of its  programs. 


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eugene 4J school district is anticipating an $8.3 million reduction in state funding. To save funding for next year’s budget, the school district will implement scheduled furlough days.

Eugene 4J School District

On Tuesday, the Eugene 4J School Board announced Cydney Vandercar as the finalist for interim superintendent for next school year. Vandercar currently serves as the district’s Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services.

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On Monday, the Eugene 4J school district budget committee held a virtual meeting about funding for next school year. During the discussion, Superintendent Gustavo Balderas says the district will probably lose about $17.5 million in state funding, and possibly more in the coming years.

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On Monday, the Eugene 4J School District Budget Committee will hold the first of two virtual meetings about funding for next school year (fiscal year July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021). The first meeting will be broadcasted at 6pm on KRVM 1280-AM and on the 4J website.

Eugene 4J School District


The Eugene 4J school district has added more locations for free breakfast and lunch while schools are closed.  

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The combination of school closures, and the need for essential workers to be at their jobs, has increased the need for child care. Now, the Eugene YMCA has partnered with the city and five local school districts to provide free childcare for children of essential workers.

For many students across the country, this week was their last vacation before the end of the school year. While some kids still traveled over Spring Break, some in Eugene shared how they have managed to socialize remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Eugene 4J

A proposal by Eugene 4-J to establish a common schedule across the school district has drawn criticism. A community forum is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Eugene 4J to Unveil Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan

Nov 13, 2017
4J School District

Tuesday, Eugene 4J Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Balderas will share the school district’s Vision 20/20 strategic plan. The blueprint was written after 4J received input from community members. KLCC’s Deonna Anderson reports.

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A bike safety program for middle school students in Eugene and Springfield is expanding. A $30,000 grant will help the program add over 40 classes.

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Construction trucks are at work on the site of the new Roosevelt Middle School in South Eugene. Current sixth graders should be able to start eighth grade on the new campus.

Bonds approved in 2013 funded the rebuilding of four aging Eugene schools. Superintendent Shelley Berman says the recent groundbreaking is an exciting moment:

Berman: “We’re moving ahead in a very rapid way around Roosevelt. We hope that we’ll get it open in fall of 2016. I know that they’re beginning to move dirt and will be setting the foundation fairly soon.”

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The City Club of Eugene has long recognized the important function of debate in our community. The vigorous clash of ideas is central to our cultural identity. Our great local hero Wayne Morse was a renowned debater.

Eugene School District 4J

Eugene School District 4J is offering parents and students ways to help choose which school to attend next year.

4J has a long-standing system of allowing families to apply for enrollment in schools outside their neighborhood. Spokeswoman Kerry Delf explains.

Eugene 4j teachers ratified a tentative three-year contract Monday night.  It now goes to the 4j School Board for final approval.  Mary Walston, a past board chair and bargaining team member, says the Board will vote on the contract at its October 15th meeting:

Walston:  "It includes a modest increase for staff in terms of cost-of-living and step increases.  They'll be some health benefit increases in the second and third year."

Eugene School District 4J

The Eugene 4J School District and the Eugene Education Association teachers union reached a tentative agreement on a new labor contract on Saturday.

Bargaining teams met for several formal sessions in May and June after the previous contract expired.

Eugene 4J’s River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary School is being replaced.    On Thursday, community members may view potential designs for the school.  The District intends to build on the same property while the current school is kept open, says 4J spokeswoman Kerry Delf:

Delf:  "The River Road Elementary School is on a piece of property that has space to the west and space to the east. So one of the decisions that has yet to be made is the precise   location of where the new building will be”

Rachael McDonald

Advocates say Eugene 4j students depend on a local option levy to fully fund their education. The Yes for 4J Schools Levy Campaign kickoff was Monday at Sheldon High School.

This is the 4th time 4j is asking voters to renew a 5-year levy that generates 8 million dollars annually. Jennifer Winters is a parent and campaign chair. She says with the state investing less in education, the levy is a way local residents can make a difference.

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As the new school year begins this week, Jim Torrey, Chair of the Eugene 4J School Board, talks with KLCC's Rachael McDonald. He says this year will be easier for students, teachers and parents.

Eugene 4J School District

Shelley Berman will leave his post as Eugene 4-J School District Superintendent after next school year. Berman asked to be released from his contract early and the school board Wednesday agreed.Berman says there are a few reasons for his decision to move on, one is family.

Berman: "I have a family that's distributed all across the country right now and we're trying to bring everybody back together in one place."

Eugene 4J School District

The public is invited to participate in designing a new Middle School in South Eugene. Voters approved a bond measure last spring to pay for improvements in the 4J district. There's a public meeting Tuesday at Roosevelt Middle School.

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Working Together on the BEST Outcomes for Kids

This program will explain how Eugene School District 4J and community partners use research-based approaches to raise up our most vulnerable elementary, middle school students and ensure a college going culture with teens who might otherwise struggle to make sense of high school and higher education.