Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis

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A Black activist who’s been at the forefront of many protests and marches this year says he’s now running for Eugene Mayor as a write-in candidate.

City of Eugene

Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis released a public statement on Sunday, the day after a demonstration in downtown Eugene turned into a riot.

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The Eugene City Council Monday is expected to establish a task force to look at public safety funding in the community. The move is spurred by demands from Black Lives Matter protesters who seek a change to how the police department is funded.

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In a joint press conference, the mayors of Eugene and Springfield – as well as a Lane County Commissioner – condemned police brutality and the oppression of people of color.


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly everyone in the world. Here in Oregon, people have already been preparing for a disaster to varying degrees for years. KLCC’s Rachael McDonald reports on what we’re learning now that might help in the next crisis.

Vinis for Mayor

Lucy Vinis is headed to a second term as Mayor of the City of Eugene.

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Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis and Springfield Mayor Christine Lundeberg have co-authored a request to Gov. Brown to enact a statewide stay at home executive order. 

There will be no charges against several protesters who entered a Eugene brewery and denounced a local business group earlier this month.

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Each of Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis’s State of the City addresses has discussed housing and homelessness. Vinis highlighted those topics again Wednesday night, noting that several plans developed in 2019 will take shape in 2020. 

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Recently, Eugene City Mayor Lucy Vinis and EPD Chief Chris Skinner came to KLCC to discuss a number of topics with reporter Brian Bull, including the formation of Wake Up Eugene, a group of more than a hundred business owners frustrated with vandalism, litter, and harassment committed by transients across the downtown. The conversation detailed work being done on tackling homelessness in Lane County, the distinction between "homelessness" and "lawlessness", and how progress is faring on some long-term strategies, including the TAC report.

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Ongoing vandalism and harassment against area shops and restaurants are straining relationships between businesses and the homeless community. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, a new group of business owners is imploring officials to confront an issue they say only keeps getting worse.

There’s a big reveal today (11/26) with Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis.  She says with the Downtown Riverfront development creating many fresh features, this includes several new roads.

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Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis has launched her 2020 reelection campaign Wednesday. After nearly 3 years in office, addressing homelessness in the city remains among her top priorities.

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The City of Eugene is asking people to submit name suggestions for three new streets in the Downtown Riverfront.

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From the City Club of Eugene:

Lucy Vinis, Eugene’s mayor joins us once again as she enters her third year of office.  In her State of the City Address on January 3rd she outlined four major priorities:

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In her second State of the City address Thursday night, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis acknowledged some of the promising steps taken in 2018 and what opportunities may lie ahead. The mayor drew down on four major priorities.