Rachael McDonald

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, or LUBA, has issued a stay to Eugene Water & Electric’s water storage project in South Eugene.

Rachael McDonald

A plan to build new water storage in south Eugene has some residents upset. They object to tree removal and construction at a site that has been an urban forest for more than 60 years. But, Eugene Water & Electric says the property was always meant for water storage. 


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Scammers are making aggressive calls to EWEB customers, threatening to turn off their power and water if they don’t pay up in half an hour.

Rachael McDonald

Work may start this month on a new water storage facility in South Eugene. Eugene Water & Electric Board plans to build two storage tanks to replace aging facilities.



Rachael McDonald

The College Hill Reservoir in Eugene will be closed for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and fireworks are prohibited on the property grounds.

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The state of Oregon is experiencing a shortage of chlorine, the chemical used to prevent harmful bacteria growth in drinking water.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Karl Morgenstern, the Water Restoration Program Manager for the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB).  The McKenzie River is the source of Eugene's drinking water, and Barbara and Karl discuss the condition and protection of the water in the wake of the Holiday Farm Fire of September 2020.


The drinking water that flows out of taps in Eugene remains among the best in the nation, according to a federally required report just released by the Eugene Water and Electric Board.

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 Salmon are heading up the McKenzie River early this year, and that’s motivated Eugene Water and Electric Board to divert more water to the river to enable their migration.


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Following the devastating Holiday Farm Fire that burned 173,000 acres across the McKenzie River Corridor last month, utility crews are working to safeguard the local water supply.

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Eugene Water & Electric Board is working to keep wildfire debris out of the McKenzie River before the rainy season begins. The utility is offering help to landowners affected by the Holiday Farm Fire.


The Eugene Water and Electric Board said some customers report water tasting like chlorine or smoke. Spokesperson Joe Harwood emphasized tap water is safe to drink, and exceeds state and federal health standards.


Eugene Water and Electric Board says there’s no danger of a power shortage in Eugene. The utility says 80% of the power it delivers comes from outside sources. Most of it comes from the Bonneville Power Administration system which hasn't been impacted by the fires here. 

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More than 130 thousand people are without power across Oregon today due to high winds, fire, and downed lines.

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To help its customers who are behind on utility payments due to the pandemic, the Eugene Water and Electric Board is doubling the amount of funding available in August for its bill repayment programs.


In response to the economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic local utilities are offering assistance to their customers to help them cope. 

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A year ago, the region was under a foot and a half of dense snow.  Ice and falling branches knocked down many power lines, causing massive outages. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, utility work continues to protect against future disasters.

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Note: This story will be updated as new developments occur. 

Monday evening, the Eugene Police Department and EWEB responded to a vehicle crash on Willamette Street and 29th Avenue.  The EPD closed off a portion of Willamette Street where the incident occured while the area was cleared, and through the night utility crews worked to restore power for roughly 700 residents.

Rachael McDonald

Eugene residents are fortunate to get their water from the clean, cool McKenzie River. But the city could lose that access in the event of a major disaster. The threat of climate change has also created challenges. 

A broken water main at the intersection of East Broadway and Hilyard Street in Eugene will severely restrict traffic movements at the intersection.

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A fowl saboteur is behind this morning’s power outage in southeast Eugene.

Douglas Electric Cooperative

Across southern Oregon, more and more utility customers are getting hooked up with power after heavy snowstorms last month caused massive outages.  KLCC’s Brian Bull has this update.

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With a so-called “Cascadia event” expected to hit the Pacific Northwest anytime now, earthquake detection and warning systems are more crucial than ever. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports that the University of Oregon has received $400,000 in federal funds to help its efforts.

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Utility EWEB plans to start 16 projects in April.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, four of them will put underground power lines in Eugene’s South Hills.

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It’s been a week now since heavy snows buried much of southwest Oregon, in one of the worst storms in the region’s history. 

Brian Bull / KLCC

Many people across Lane County are hoping to have power restored since a foot and a half of snow fell across the area since Sunday evening. Among them is KLCC’s Brian Bull, whose home in South Eugene has lacked electricity since Monday. He shares this update on conditions in the area.


Once fall rolls around, municipal water consumption wanes. When water sits in pipes, it ages and that can affect the way it tastes and smells coming out of the tap.


After years of envisioning and months of design work and public comments, Eugene officials recently revealed a plan for the downtown Riverfront Park. The city is taking feedback through Friday.



Eugene Water and Electric Board plans to eliminate its tiered rate system for electricity. The 5 EWEB commissioners indicated their support for a fixed rate at Tuesday night’s meeting.


The Eugene Water and Electric Board is using its recent property sale to help pay for its Carmen Smith Hydroelectric Project. The $100 million retrofit of the McKenzie River dam is EWEB’s largest construction project ever built.