face masks

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Tuesday that face coverings will once again be required in crowded outdoor public spaces.

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Increasing COVID-19 hospitalizations compelled Lane County Public Health to issue emergency guidance Saturday.


Brynda Ivan

Oregonians are enduring two current calamities: smoke from regional wildfires, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As it turns out, one tool is helpful for both: face masks.

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The University of Oregon enacted new Summer COVID-19 Regulations Tuesday, lifting indoor mask wearing requirements for those who are fully vaccinated.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

There’s new guidance on masking at school from the state Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority. 

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Ongoing wildfires have created a hazardous smog over the region, which can endanger people's health.  And homeless people are especially vulnerable to the poor air quality.

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Across the world - including the Eugene-Springfield area -  businesses are trying to keep customers and staff safe by observing pandemic protocols. But many are coping with rude and defiant customers who ignore social distancing, or become aggressive when prompted to wear a face mask.