Good Gardening

Good Gardening: Weeds

Jun 3, 2019
John Fischer

When your garden fills up with weeds, it's tempting to scowl at your neighbors’ dandelions, and assume all your problems came from over there.

It's more likely that most of the weeds sprouting were from seeds left over in your soil from last year, or the year before, or the year before...  And even more likely that the weeds are sneaking into your vegetable patch underground.

Good Gardening: Variety

May 6, 2019
John Fischer / KLCC

I don't spend much time on flowers, but this year the combination of a sudden spring after the April deluge has made them irresistible even to a dedicated edibles grower.  And there is a lesson coming for both ornamental and food gardeners.

Good Gardening: Raised Beds

Apr 1, 2019

  I don't like raised beds. Gasp- Huh Ok- In most situations I don't like wooden raised beds.  There are a few reasons to have a raised garden area. The soil will drain, warm, and be workable a little earlier. And if you have mobility problems or issues that keep you from getting down to ground level, a raised bed can be useful. But there are ways to avoid the ubiquitous wooden walled boxes that have sprouted up in so many yards, and still get the results you want. Mounded beds with no wooden support will help with drainage and warm the soil better than a box.

Good Gardening: Damaged Trees

Mar 4, 2019
John Fischer

This may not come as a surprise to you, but my fruit trees know more about weather forecasting than I do.

Two years ago my peach and nectarine trees bloomed in February, and despite some frosty spring weather, the trees produced a bountiful crop.  This year the flower buds have just started to swell, and flowering is probably a month off.  Nature knows.

That doesn't mean your trees don't need your help to thrive, and stay alive during times of winter weather.

Good Gardening: Seeds

Feb 4, 2019
John Fischer

Good Gardening: Cardboard Can Ease Planting

Jan 7, 2019
John Fischer / KLCC

It is cold, wet and gray outside. But if you can get out there for five minutes now, planting a tree or new shrub in the spring will be much easier.

Good Gardening: Adapting To Climate Change

Dec 3, 2018
John Fischer

Here's a quote from the March 1895 Eugene weather summary written in early April.    "While the coast range passes are still blocked by snow, they are expected to open in the next two weeks".  Yes the weather is different, and we must adapt to the changes in the way we garden. 

Good Gardening: Repeat Harvest

Nov 5, 2018
John Fischer

For many vegetables, harvest is a one day affair.  The carrot is either in the ground, or on the table.  And once you've picked the carrot, it won't grow back again.

Good Gardening: Become A Master Gardener

Oct 1, 2018
John Fischer

Want to learn how to master all your garden problems?

John Fisher

Many kitchens and pantries in the area are currently dealing with CFFI and AFFI:  Chronic and Acute Fruit Fly Infestation.

Good Gardening: Raspberries

Aug 6, 2018
John Fischer

Raspberries used to be called Raspis Berries. Somebody shortened is to raspberries, and mot of us stopped pronouncing the p.

John Fischer

Today were going to look at that age old question. Which came first- The chicken or the rat?

Good Gardening: To Lawn Or Not To Lawn

Jun 4, 2018
John Fischer

It's the time of year where you have to decide who will tell you what your lawn should look like. First a little history.   Lawns- front and back started as a safety system during medieval times.

Good Gardening: Onions

Apr 2, 2018
John Fischer

Onions are a prime ingredient in so many recipes.   There are three ways to grow onions- seeds, starts, and sets.  Two won't surprise you, but one involves suspended animation.

Good Gardening: Plants Know Best

Mar 5, 2018
wikipedia commons


I have a mental calendar of when plants should bloom, and I should put seeds in the ground for my vegetable garden. I rarely follow the schedule, and the plants never do.

Good Gardening: Hops

Feb 4, 2018

Hops: A plant that produces no seeds and flavors beer. Just in time for the KLCC Brewfest February 9th and 10th at the Lane Events Center in Eugene, KLCC’s John Fisher takes a close look at hops in this month’s Good Gardening.

Good Gardening: Fresh Pears In Winter

Dec 4, 2017
John Fischer

I love fresh home grown fruit. Especially fruit that lasts into the winter. We all know that apples store well, but most people are not as familiar with the winter storage pears. They grow well in Oregon, and if the only pear you have is a Bartlett, you need to expand your orchard.

Good Gardening: Fall Garden Clean-up

Nov 6, 2017
John Fischer

The fall garden clean-up is a tradition that has been hurting birds and other wildlife for decades.  Our desire to have a clean landscape after harvest season often means removing plant material that would decompose naturally over the cold months, and provide food for overwintering birds-- and there are a lot of them.

Good Gardening: End Of The Season

Oct 3, 2017
John Fischer

I spent some time on a recent sunny afternoon, looking back on a long and fruitful life wondering what I would change if I could do it all over again.

Good Gardening: Saving Your Seeds

Sep 11, 2017
John Fischer

September is the time of year your plants are doing double duty-- producing a crop, and trying to set seed.

Roasting Garden Veggies Brings Out The Flavor

Aug 8, 2017
John Fischer

We put a lot of work into our gardens so we can eat- fresh delicious vegetables.

John Fischer


We all know that stealing is wrong.  But there is an exception-stealing from your own garden.

Good Gardening: Freezer Jam

Jun 5, 2017
John Fischer

The first sweet juicy morsels of Oregon's legendary berry crop are starting to show up in area gardens, and local farmers markets.  

John Fischer

After a long- longest if you count rainy days- winter, we, and our plants are itching to get outside, and soak up some sun.

Good Gardening: Tulips And Daffodils

Apr 5, 2017
John Fischer

This is a terrible time to plant tulips or daffodils.  But it is the perfect time to get inspired by a colorful spring spectacle that has it's roots in a fall planting ritual.

Good Gardening: Plant Sharing

Mar 8, 2017
John Fischer

40 plus years ago, while living in Northern California, I brought raspberry plants to my parents in Salem.  Years later, I brought offspring of those plants to my garden in Eugene. 

Good Gardening: A Primer On Bare Root Planting

Feb 6, 2017
John Fischer

Bare root tree and shrub planting time is almost here.  Bare root plants are packed in wet sawdust or shavings, You can get them pre-packaged, but I like going through the bins at local nurseries. You'll see the roots before you buy the tree.

Good Gardening: Gifts For The Gardener

Dec 5, 2016
John Fischer

 If you are looking for a gift for the gardener in your life, I have a few ideas that will make the garden more productive, the gardener more comfortable, and the house quieter.

John Fischer

When you plant a dozen tulip bulbs in Wisconsin, you get 12 blooms the first spring, 8 the next, and one or two by the third year. The cold climate is tough on the showiest flowers of spring.

In Oregon, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes Not Always Best

Sep 12, 2016
John Fischer

Good Gardening's John Fischer says because Oregon's summer nights are cool, it's better to ripen garden tomatoes indoors to get the best flavor.