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Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reports their highest weekly case count since the pandemic. Officials have already seen 106 new cases, with two days still left in the week.

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Over the last two days, Lane County has seen 116 new COVID-19 cases and two reported deaths from the virus. Health officials say they have identified three established outbreaks around Halloween activities. A new surveillance effort indicates masking compliance remains an issue.

Rosboro Lumber

Lane County Public Health announced a new COVID-19 outbreak, this one at Rosboro Sawmill in Springfield. Officials note it’s a combination of workplace and household transmission. So far, five positive cases are associated.

Oregon State University

Over the weekend, hundreds of randomly selected Eugene households were approached to participate in a community COVID-19 testing effort. The TRACE project is expected to provide an estimate of the viral infection rate within city limits.

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There was promising news this week on one of the many vaccines being developed for Covid-19. This Friday at 3:30 we’ll talk about vaccines with Lane County Public health’s Doctor Patrick Luedtke. 

Lane County Public Health-Summit South

Lane County Public Health was notified over the weekend of 103 additional cases and four (4) new deaths from COVID-19. 

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Over the weekend and Monday, Douglas County Public Health has seen 61 new cases of COVID-19. This spike puts the county over the 500-mark for residents in isolation and quarantine.

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Lincoln County residents can get a free coronavirus test this week.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

High COVID-19 case numbers reported over the weekend pushed Oregon to 50,448 cases of the virus. Oregon Health officials reported 874 new coronavirus cases Sunday. That's the second-highest daily total of the pandemic following a record 988 cases reported on Saturday.

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The Oregon Health Authority Saturday reported 988 new and presumptive cases of COVID-19. This is the highest number reported on a single day since the start of the pandemic in Oregon.

Some Oregon and Washington political leaders are taking to social media to applaud the results of the presidential election.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, on Twitter Saturday morning called the win for president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris a “great day for America” and “our democracy.”

“Now it’s time to beat this pandemic. Fight for racial justice. Overcome our differences & work together,” Brown tweeted.

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On this week's show, Lane County Public Health's Senior Health Officer Dr. Patrick Luedtke talks with KlCC's Rachael McDonald about travel, how to quarantine at home, the effectiveness of masks, and more. 

The Oregon Health Authority announced new COVID-19 restrictions Friday, following several weeks of unprecedented spread. They’re the strictest measures the Oregon government has created since the initial “stay home, save lives” measures were implemented in March.

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Lane County Public Health on Thursday announced two new COVID-19 outbreaks.  One is in Avamere Riverpark Rehabilitation Center in Eugene where one staff and 11 residents tested positive after routine screening. The other outbreak is at Eugene/Springfield Fire Department. 

PeaceHealth Oregon Network

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the largest hospital in the Southern Willamette Valley has been preparing for a surge of COVID-19 patients. That has yet to come, but with winter approaching, hospitals remain at the ready.

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Reports of a six-and-a-half ton peanut rolling through Eugene have proven true. No, it’s not a new ridesharing company called “Goober”…rather, it’s a nutty draw for a more serious cause. KLCC’s Brian Bull cracks the story.

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We’ll have Lane County Public Health’s Dr Patrick Luedtke live in the KLCC studios again this Friday at 3:30 to take your questions about COVID-19.

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Here’s a public health message to bear in mind: Stress is bad for you. The build up of tension around the pandemic and now an historic election can take a serious toll. But there are workarounds.

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The Holiday Farm fire destroyed nearly every structure in the remote town of Blue River and cut McKenzie Valley residents off from key services: the post office, the library, the general market. Especially critical was the loss of the medical clinic. But as the community is learning, it’s not so much the buildings that make the difference --it’s the people.

City of Eugene, Lane County Public Health

Last month, the City of Eugene launched a new "Stop the Spread" campaign effort--a COVID-19 messaging contest geared toward young adults, aged 14 to 30 years old.  This just announced: the contest deadline has been extended with a new deadline for submissions: 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

Melorie Begay

Listen back to KLCC's Friday show with Dr. Patrick Luedtke with Lane County Public Health. We talked about testing, contact tracing, and who would be able to get a vaccine once it's available. 

The Oregon Health Authority Friday announced another record-breaking day of new confirmed and presumptive coronavirus cases.

The agency reported 600 diagnoses, breaking the previous record, set only a day prior, of 575 cases.

OHA also reported two new coronavirus-related deaths Friday, bringing the state’s total deaths to 675.

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The Oregon Legislature’s Emergency Board recently approved $4.3 million for the University of Oregon to expand their COVID-19 Monitoring and Assessment Program, known as MAP.  The funding will allow purchase of “precise sequencing equipment” and could more than double the state’s testing capacity.

Oregon State University

Back in April, Oregon State University launched a program to test randomly selected Corvallis households for COVID-19. Now, that tracing effort is coming to Eugene.

Oregon State University

The Oregon Health Authority says wastewater monitoring shows how widespread the coronavirus is in the state.

Rachael McDonald

Lane County Public Health is urging people to respond when a contact tracer reaches out to them regarding a positive COVID-19 test. 

Melorie Begay

What do you want to know about COVID-19 testing? How does it work when public health does contact tracing? And what happens when there's a vaccine? These are some questions we plan to explore this Friday at 3:30 p.m. with Lane County's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Patrick Luedtke. 

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Over the weekend, there were 81 new COVID-19 cases in Lane County. Meanwhile, neighboring Douglas County confirmed three new deaths from the disease.

Note: In an earlier release dated October 22, 2020, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reported that opioid-related deaths and hospitalizations in Oregon increased by 70%.   The OHA now says that number was for all drugs, not just opioids, and regrets the error.

Drug overdoses across Oregon  have seen a troubling spike compared to last year.

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Note: In an earlier release dated October 22, 2020, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reported that opioid-related deaths and hospitalizations in Oregon increased by 70%.   The OHA now says that number was for all drugs, not just opioids, and regrets the error.

Drug-related deaths and hospitalizations in Oregon have seen a troubling spike compared to last year.