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Graduarse de la preparatoria en Oregon no siempre es fácil. Aunque el año pasado el estado vio la clase de graduados más grande registrada, aún así el 20% de los estudiantes de último año no se graduaron. Eso es a pesar de que los requisitos de graduación se relajaron durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Si los estudiantes están preocupados por sus finanzas, comida y vivienda, y experimentan la falta de alojamiento, es aún más difícil obtener un diploma.

Lauren Ibanez


Almost half of college students don’t have enough money to regularly buy healthy and culturally relevant food.  In Oregon, less than a third of those students applied for the federal food assistance program to help prevent food insecurity. But advocates are hoping those numbers will change. 

Lauren Ibanez


Graduating high school in Oregon isn’t always easy. Even though last year the state saw the largest graduating class on record, 20% of seniors still didn’t graduate. That is despite graduation requirements being loosened during the COVID-19 pandemic. If students are  worried about finances, food and housing — and experiencing homelessness — it is even harder to get a diploma.

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Indigenous youth will have better college preparation and access, under a three-year, grant-funded initiative. Two Oregon colleges and a Native American tribe are involved.

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Oregon’s Attorney General and two of the state's largest universities are part of a pair of lawsuits attempting to block a new federal rule they say will harm international students.

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Colleges and universities in Oregon are still unsure what their fall terms will look like amid the ongoing uncertainties caused by the coronavirus.

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Oregon’s seven public universities say they will no longer require potential students to submit standardized test scores with their applications.

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All seven of Oregon’s public universities say they won’t use face-to-face classroom instruction at all during the spring semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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Oregon’s public universities and community colleges are getting a funding boost thanks to a spending plan approved in the Oregon House Thursday. But the fate of the measure is uncertain amid political drama at the Capitol.

While the higher ed community was pushing for even more funding, the budget bill moving forward in the legislature included enough to allow some schools to partly dial back tuition increases set to kick in next fall.

State of Oregon: Higher Education Coordinating Commission

Higher education officials in Oregon will use a new grant to work on improving graduation rates for students of color. 


A new documentary titled "Professors in Poverty" focuses on the trend of hiring part-time and adjunct instructors in higher institutions while eliminating full-time, tenured positions to save money.

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President Barack Obama announced Friday he plans on proposing free education at community colleges for the first two years. The President spoke on Air Force One and later posted to Facebook as part of a preview for his upcoming State of the Union Address.

Obama: "It's something that we can accomplish, and it's something that'll train our workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world."

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A college-bound student from Eugene testified Tuesday before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee on what role the tax system plays in student loan debt.

Amber Lee told the Senate committee about growing up with a father addicted to crystal meth who had a gambling problem. From age 7, she knew she wanted to be a doctor. Lee hopes to fulfill that dream but knows it will be an expensive journey through college. She's starting at Portland State University in the fall.