Holiday Farm fire


The holiday Farm Fire that started Labor Day evening spread quickly, traveling 14 miles overnight and destroying most of the buildings in the community of Blue River. Now a Eugene-based ecology group has analyzed just how the fire spread.

Organic Redneck Growers

Organic Redneck Growers is known for blueberries, its presence at farmer’s markets and its farm stand. The farm, located up the McKenzie Highway, was spared direct damage from the Holiday Farm fire, but it forced them to rethink, for the second time this year, how to run the business. 


Organic Redneck Growers

Organic Redneck Growers runs a fruit and vegetable farm less than a mile downriver from the Leaburg Dam. While the fields and structures were spared the brunt of the Holiday Farm Fire, manager Adam Lee said many of their CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, members were not so lucky. “About 40 people were evacuees in one form or another," he said, "and then there’s probably about 20 to 30 people that have lost homes.”


Fire crews across Oregon are increasingly gaining ground on some of the larger wildfires.

Photos provided by Solomon Singer. / Lane Community College

A firefighter and Lane Community College instructor has been helping out with the Holiday Farm Fire.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, Solomon Singer’s drone has made a difference.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Across Oregon, crews are mopping up on many major wildfires.  However, a warm spell next week could pose challenges.

Rachael McDonald/KLCC

Evacuation orders remain in place for several communities throughout the region as wildfires continue to burn, many of them without any containment. Officials have warned residents that areas under Level 3 Evacuated areas, including the roads within those areas, are closed to the public. The closures are necessary to protect the safety of everyone. 

Wildfire Evacuation Resources List  

As wildfire evacuation notices continue to update, here is a list of websites for up to date information in different counties.


The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will offer pilot car guided caravans starting Friday for residents affected by the Holiday Farm Fire to access their properties.

Marcus Kauffman / Oregon Dept. of Forestry

Heavy gusts and rain hit the region yesterday, which included the Holiday Farm Fire site. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on how the weather affected operations.

Rachael McDonald

Survivors of the Holiday Farm fire will have another opportunity to connect with an array of support services- all under one roof. The next Multi-Agency Resource Center or MARC will open at the Fairgrounds in Eugene on Friday, September 25th, 2020.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The Holiday Farm Fire is now 27% contained. Fire crews are hopeful that rains that’ll come in tonight – and last through Saturday – will help them further control it. But high sustained winds today may complicate things.

Tom Atkinson

Many people evacuated from areas near the massive Holiday Farm Fire are returning home.  But locals from one of the most ravaged communities are facing severe hardships. 

Tom Atkinson / R3Digital

As thousands of Oregon homeowners and renters pick up the pieces after losing their home to wildfires this month, people with standard insurance policies should be covered for their losses.




The Springfield City Council unanimously voted Monday night to extend the state of emergency issued in response to the Holiday Farm Fire. The declaration is necessary for the city’s continuing response and reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Andy Nelson / Register Guard/ Pool

Property owners now have access to the initial structural damage assessments for structures within the Holiday Farm Fire perimeter.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Mop-up operations on the Holiday Farm Fire are incorporating roughly a thousand firefighters from 18 states and Canada. It’s all part of a coordinated push to contain the fire as the weather stays cool and rainy.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Firefighters continue to battle the Holiday Farm Fire.  Since starting Labor Day evening, the fire has caused one fatality and destroyed nearly 800 buildings along the McKenzie River Corridor.  

Brian Bull / KLCC

More than two weeks after the Holiday Farm Fire erupted across the McKenzie Highway Corridor, fire crews are steadily gaining on the blaze.

Andy Nelson/Register-Guard/Pool

The Portland-based Home Share Oregon, a non-profit, is working on rehousing wildfire evacuees in Lane County. The program matches homeowners with spare rooms with renters. 


Brian Bull / KLCC

Rainy, cooler weather helped firefighters improve containment of the Holiday Farm Fire this weekend, which has consumed over 173,000 acres since Labor Day. It’s currently 14 percent contained, compared to 10 percent Friday.

Holiday Farm Fire

Highway 126 will remain closed to regular traffic for some time in the area of the Holiday Farm Fire. The 23-mile stretch between Leaburg Dam and milepost 46, east of McKenzie Bridge, is still very dangerous according to Jim Gamble with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Holiday Farm Fire Facebook

On Sunday morning, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office lifted all Level 3 (Go!) evacuation orders for areas near the Holiday Farm Fire.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The more than 7,500 personnel working on wildfires around the state of Oregon face multiple hazards as they battle blazes in steep, dense terrain.

Weekend Wildfire Roundup

Sep 20, 2020

More than 7,500 fire personnel continue to fight fires around Oregon. Here is a roundup of information on some of the fires burning across the state. For the most recent updates on any fire, visit the Incident Information Website.

Brian Bull

The Lane County Sheriff was able to reduce more evacuation levels on the Holiday Farm Fire Saturday.

Christiana Rainbow Plews

Christiana Rainbow Plews has been making national headlines of late. She’s the Upper McKenzie District Fire Chief who lost her home and fire station in the Holiday Farm fire. 

Brian Bull / KLCC

Incoming storms have helped clear the air and will hopefully dampen the chance of regional wildfires spreading.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Incoming storms have helped clear the air and will hopefully dampen the chance of regional wildfires spreading.

Andy Nelson / Register-Guard/ Pool

Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio said Thursday the devastation wrought by the Holiday Farm Fire is unbelievable. He toured the fire’s wake with a regional administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says several of its fish hatcheries were damaged by wildfires this month.