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A new law will require death reports in Oregon to indicate whether the person who died was experiencing homelessness.


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As temperatures continue to rise throughout Oregon, the governor has a request of residents: Look out for each other.

The City of Eugene is partnering with White Bird Clinic to provide a downtown location for primary care and behavioral health services to the unhoused.

Distritos escolares y organizaciones sin fines de lucro empoderan a los jóvenes sin hogar

May 19, 2021
Lauren Ibanez


Graduarse de la preparatoria en Oregon no siempre es fácil. Aunque el año pasado el estado vio la clase de graduados más grande registrada, aún así el 20% de los estudiantes de último año no se graduaron. Eso es a pesar de que los requisitos de graduación se relajaron durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Si los estudiantes están preocupados por sus finanzas, comida y vivienda, y experimentan la falta de alojamiento, es aún más difícil obtener un diploma.

Navegando por las necesidades básicas en las universidades de Oregon

May 18, 2021


Casi la mitad de los estudiantes universitarios no cuentan con el dinero suficiente para comprar alimentos saludables y culturalmente relevantes con regularidad. En Oregon, menos de un tercio de esos estudiantes solicitaron el programa federal de asistencia alimentaria para ayudar a prevenir la inseguridad alimentaria. Pero los defensores de este programa esperan que esos números cambien.

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Almost half of college students don’t have enough money to regularly buy healthy and culturally relevant food.  In Oregon, less than a third of those students applied for the federal food assistance program to help prevent food insecurity. But advocates are hoping those numbers will change. 

Lauren Ibanez


The cost to attend college isn’t just tuition. Books, housing, food, learning accommodations and other expenses all add up. While paying for college anywhere in the country isn’t cheap, it's especially difficult in Oregon, where financial aid is significantly lower than some of its neighboring states. 

Lauren Ibanez


Graduating high school in Oregon isn’t always easy. Even though last year the state saw the largest graduating class on record, 20% of seniors still didn’t graduate. That is despite graduation requirements being loosened during the COVID-19 pandemic. If students are  worried about finances, food and housing — and experiencing homelessness — it is even harder to get a diploma.

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Oregon lawmakers have failed to advance a bill that would give unhoused people the right to remain in public places without being told to move along.


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A new outreach initiative by HIV Alliance will provide medical care and housing support to homeless people across Lane County. 

St. Vincent de Paul

Newly-discharged PeaceHealth patients who are homeless now have an option for safe shelter. 

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An early cold snap has prompted an emergency shelter response, so homeless people can escape freezing temperatures.

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The Springfield City Council unanimously voted to amend an ordinance, expanding which commercial buildings can provide temporary emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness. 

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The Eugene Mission has extended services and capacity in the wake of the Holiday Farm Fire.

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Air quality indexes range from “unhealthy” to “hazardous” across the region, as wildfires continue to burn. And homeless people remain limited in options.

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Ongoing wildfires have created a hazardous smog over the region, which can endanger people's health.  And homeless people are especially vulnerable to the poor air quality.

City of Eugene

As Lane County continues to re-open, temporary COVID-19 shelters for the unhoused are closing down. In response, the City of Eugene collaborated with the Eugene Mission and Community Supported Shelters to create a second microsite located in the Whiteaker neighborhood.

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Homeless people will still be counted in the 2020 Census, despite delays due to the pandemic. 

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Nearing its 31st anniversary, Eugene’s mobile intervention service, CAHOOTS – which stands for “Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets” – is busier than ever…and needing help.

Chris Hecht

Many advocates in Lane County are worried about the chronically unhoused and what will happen to them after today’s (Friday) closure of two COVID-Relief respite shelters. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reached out to White Bird Clinic—an organization with 50 years’ experience of helping people on the streets. Executive Coordinator Chris Hecht talks about his concerns and what kinds of solutions they advocate for.

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Two shelter locations have opened this week in Eugene and Springfield that will operate 24/7. The aim is to give the unhoused refuge during the state mandated “Stay at Home” order. Meals, hygiene, medical care, and sanitization will be provided for individuals staying at the respite centers.

Lane County has been awarded over $3.5 million dollars to fund homeless assistance programs in 2020. It’s from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.

The funding has been allocated to county programs that help homeless people with permanent and transitional housing and a service known as “rapid re-housing.” Jason Davis is Lane County spokesman.

Rachael McDonald

Lane County may allow a small camp for people who are homeless on the fairgrounds in Eugene. 

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This summer, we reported on an initiative where homeless people were hired to clean up after encampments in the downtown Eugene area. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the service is back.

A small homeless encampment in downtown eugene was forced to move Tuesday. A business at 13th and Lincoln Street requested police service in removing tents and belongings from a right of way. Melinda McLaughlin is with E.P.D.

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From the City Club of Eugene:

Four Oregon healthcare organizations have committed $2.68 million to help fund an affordable housing complex in Eugene.

The 51-unit apartment building will go up on the north side of Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, across the street from Autzen Stadium. The site is adjacent to Lane County Behavioral Health. Chronically homeless individuals will become tenants and receive round the clock support services.

Jennifer Jordan is with Kaiser Permanente Northwest. They contributed $500-thousand dollars toward the permanent housing project.

Tiffany Eckert

Next month, construction will begin on Lane County’s newest housing project to address chronic homelessness. The 51-unit complex, called The Commons on MLK, will go up across the street from Autzen Stadium in Eugene. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert walked the site and has this report.

Tiffany Eckert

A memorial was held Friday for a 57-year old woman who died on the streets of Eugene. Her death has once again raised the question of why more isn’t being done to shelter homeless people. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reports from First Christian Church.

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Scientists say there’s a 1-in-3 chance of a powerful earthquake hitting the Pacific Northwest in the next 50 years. Residents of the Cascadia Subduction Zone are advised to stockpile two weeks’ worth of water, food, and medical supplies should the “Big One” strike. As part of our series on Oregon's Natural Resources and Resilience funded by the UO Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, economic disparities already divide those who can readily prepare, and those who will struggle to.