Housing & Homelessness

City of Eugene

The city of Eugene is drafting new rules for what is known as “middle housing”—duplexes, triplexes, cottages, and row houses. 

City of Eugene

The City of Eugene voted, 7-1, Wednesday to approve three Safe Sleep sites for the unhoused adding to two other sites approved over the summer. The new sites could provide up to 150 spaces for a mix of tents or vehicles.

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The Eugene Chamber of Commerce has released its first report on homelessness, which includes recommendations for alleviating the crisis.  



Lane County received $3.5 million in federal funding to support services to reduce youth homelessness.

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With Oregon lawmakers meeting inside the capitol Monday to draw up new political boundaries, a group that advocates for renters held a press conference outside the building to call for action on extending an eviction moratorium that expired in June.


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Eugene homeowners have more options when it comes to adding smaller structures to their properties. The City Council Wednesday (9/15/2021) approved an ordinance loosening restrictions on accessory dwelling units or ADUs.

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An affordable housing project was unveiled in Springfield, Wednesday. The “C-Street Co-op” is the first of its kind in Oregon that allows low-income households a form of homeownership.

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A group of activists pitched their tents in front of Corvallis City Hall Thursday to protest city policies regarding unhoused people.



Barbara Dellenback speaks with Springfield Interim Planning Manager Sandy Belson about housing solutions. They discuss the rising cost of housing, legislation aimed at creative affordable housing, and efforts to make sure everyone has shelter.

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A new law will require death reports in Oregon to indicate whether the person who died was experiencing homelessness.


City of Eugene

The Eugene City Council has designated two Safe Sleep sites for people experiencing homelessness to park or camp in, at Chase Commons Park on South Garden Way, and at 310 Garfield Street.

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Residents of a Springfield mobile home park that got rezoned will NOT have to move, as previously reported.  KLCC has this update on the park, which is also no longer called “The Patrician.”

Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Governor’s office sent out an urgent message to Oregon renters in the rears due to the pandemic: If you need rental assistance—apply for it now.

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Saint Vincent de Paul has completed renovations on their First Place Annex Night Shelter in Eugene for families experiencing homelessness. The executive director says the updates will help families have a better sense of stability.

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A nonprofit that helps the unhoused endured last month's record breaking heatwave with a broken refrigerator and without air conditioning. Now, St. Vincent de Paul is preparing for future emergencies.

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A new housing project for homeless people has opened up in Coos Bay: Coalbank Village.  

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Affordable housing would increase across Oregon and the nation, under a bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley Tuesday.

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As temperatures continue to rise throughout Oregon, the governor has a request of residents: Look out for each other.

City of Eugene


Eugene city councilors passed an ordinance, 7-1, Monday restricting how long people can park in one spot. The move is meant to deter people living in vehicles from staying more than three days in one area.

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With Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium set to expire on June 30, tenants will be required to start making rent payments beginning July 2021 or possibly face eviction. In the face of this, Lane County is re-opening applications for rental assistance to those eligible.

City of Eugene

The city of Eugene has identified 11 potential 'Safe Sleep Sites' for the unhoused to legally stay while receiving services. The city aims to approve and open selected sites this fall.

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Eugene city councilors accepted a proposal to construct a mixed-income building downtown called the Montgomery on Wednesday.

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The University of Oregon announced Wednesday every graduate and law student who requested to renew their Graduate Village contract by June 1 will be accommodated.

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The University of Oregon’s fall COVID-19 plans have left some graduate students in Eugene with uncertainty about their living situations. A group of students are protesting the university’s decision to not renew leases.


Another round of rental assistance for Lane County residents affected by the pandemic will open May 11.

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Oregon lawmakers have failed to advance a bill that would give unhoused people the right to remain in public places without being told to move along.


KLCC To Host Virtual SNAP Information Session

May 3, 2021
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In 2019, 41% of surveyed Oregon community college students experienced food insecurity. Statewide, roughly 1 in 4 Oregonians are experiencing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


To help people put more food on the table, KLCC is hosting a virtual information session on the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

City of Eugene

Eugene city councilors voted unanimously on Wednesday to boost capacity at temporary shelter sites for tents and parking. The city aims to prioritize people living in areas unsanctioned for camping. 

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The Eugene City Council heard public testimony Monday night on a proposal to expand places for people who are homeless to park and tent-camp.

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Vehicle camping in Eugene has surged over the past year with the city receiving hundreds of complaints from community members and businesses owners. The city council will consider how to solve this problem and where to allow vehicle campers Monday night.