Lane County Farmers Market

Saturday Market


The Eugene Saturday Market opens this weekend on April 3. With its return comes a few changes.

Lane County Farmers Market

For the first time in decades, the Lane County Farmers Market will temporarily move to a new location in Eugene. The change comes as the city plans to begin work on its town square project in May.

Lane County Farmers Market

The Lane County Farmers Market opens its winter Market this Saturday (Feb. 6).

Lane County Farmers Market

The Lane County Farmers Market opens its winter Market this Saturday (Feb. 5).

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  Eugene’s Holiday Market will be a little different this year, given the pandemic. The seasonal event featuring local artisans will be outdoors.

Lane County Farmers Market

According to the Oregon Food Bank, nearly 600,000 Oregonians are food insecure. This means they lack access to enough affordable and nutritious food. A program at the Lane County Farmers Market is trying to help.

Lane County Farmers Market

The Lane County Farmers Market officially began their regular season last week under statewide Coronavirus restrictions. The market is considered an essential service and is open for business, but with a few changes. 

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The City of Eugene is hosting its final event Thursday, September 12th seeking community input about the future of the downtown Parks Blocks.

The Oregon Food Bank has funded a fix for what could have been a loss of access for low-income people to farmer’s markets in the state.

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People on the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, can get more for their money at the Lane County Farmers Market.

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The Lane County Farmers Market has received a nearly 100 thousand dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to increase access to locally grown food.

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Panelists at the City Club Friday Forum will discuss burgeoning opportunities to grow our local food economy. Their topics will include the level of economic benefit, jobs, and tax revenues that a focus on agriculture and food can generate. They will point out economic sectors that could be further stimulated by the growth of our local foods industry.

Fresh, local produce has been a fixture in downtown Eugene since 1915. The Lane County Farmers Market celebrates its 100th anniversary this weekend.

It used to be called the Eugene Producers’ Public Market, but it originally opened in the same space it occupies today: 8th Avenue and Oak Street. Today the Farmer’s Market includes more than 85 growers, and has incorporated the wintertime holiday market, and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the summer. Carrie Swarts is the Market Manager. She says the long-term dream is for an indoor-outdoor space at the Park Blocks:

Saturday Market Kicks Off 45th Season.

Apr 3, 2015

Eugene's Saturday Market begins its 45th season April 4th at the park blocks of 8th and Oak St. The local market began in 1970 and is a staple of the city. Kim Still is the Manager of Promotions and Advertising. She says what makes Eugene's market unique is the requirement products are produced by the individuals selling them.

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A goat dairy near Dexter is suffering from its own success. What's been a labor of love for many years is becoming impossible to sustain without an infusion of cash. Ferns' Edge Dairy is turning to crowd-funding to stay alive.

Shari Reyna has been tending her Mt Zion Dairy Goat herd on this land southeast of Eugene since the 1970s. She and her partner Fred Warner own Ferns' Edge Dairy which produces popular chevre and other cheeses.

Reyna takes me on a tour of the dairy.