Living Less Unsustainably

John Fischer / KLCC

As the heating season approaches it's a good time to review the second law of thermodynamics, and possibly contradict your mother. We'll start with the hard one- telling mom she is wrong.

It is more efficient to let your house cool down at night, or when you are gone, and reheat it when you want a warm house than it is to keep it warm all the time.  

Living Less Unsustainably: Flying

Aug 17, 2020

At a socially distant, outdoors, bring your own plate and fork, masked when not eating, potluck last week, I overheard a conversation about cheap airfares. Somebody was going to Alaska for a weekend, New York City for a few days, and then to an overseas destination for a longer trip. Monetarily it was a “good deal”. The airlines are hurting financially, and doing what they can to attract passengers.

Living Less Unsustainably: Used Materials

Jul 20, 2020
John Fischer / KLCC

Many of us have been home more over the last few months. Enjoying the space, considering some changes, and maybe noticing a few things that need repairing or replacing.

Living Less Unsustainably: More Deposits

Jun 15, 2020
John Fischer / KLCC

Last month I had discouraging news about why recycling is not always the best choice- especially with our current recycling system.

But there is a better way than curbside. It works well, and we are already doing it.  Ten cent deposits on beverage containers have resulted in a 90% recycle rate. That's up from 64% with a nickel deposit. Imagine where we could get with a 25 cent deposit.

Living Less Unsustainably: Rethinking Recycling

May 18, 2020
Love Cross / KLCC

We are participating in ordinary activities in different ways now, and have adapted to new circumstances.

Living Less Unsustainably: Clean Plate Club

Apr 20, 2020
John Fischer

I have a triple win situation for you. The winners are the planet, your pocketbook, and your dishwasher. The proposition: finish your food - all of it. 

Living Less Unsustainably: Wear Out Those Clothes!

Mar 16, 2020
John Fischer

Isn't it great when doing something nice for yourself doesn't hurt the planet, and helps other people too?Unfortunately, buying clothes and giving them to the thrift store doesn't fit that dream.

Living Less Unsustainably: Driving

Feb 17, 2020
John Fischer / KLCC

Transportation emissions are a big part- in Oregon the biggest part- of our climate changing emissions.  One way to make a huge difference- at a large initial cost- is to switch mobility needs from petroleum driven to electrically driven.

Living Less Unsustainably: Paper Plates and Potlucks

Jan 20, 2020
Love Cross / KLCC

When I go to a potluck, the first thing people ask me is a garden question. Well, actually the first thing they ask is "Did Laurie (my wife) bring a pie?"

Then it's then garden question, and then something on recycling. As a Master Recycler, Master Composter, and Climate Master, I have a good base of knowledge on Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.