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Oregon State University

Oregon State University has set a goal of reducing the number of times its students and employees drive to campus alone.


Chris Lehman / KLCC

The transit systems for Albany and Salem are exploring the possibility of joining forces to link the two cities by bus.

Chris Lehman / KLCC

Two Willamette Valley transit agencies are restoring most of the service that was cut this year because of the coronavirus.


The Oregon Department of Transportation says shutdowns related to the coronavirus are taking a bite out of the agency’s financial outlook.

With non-essential travel banned in much of the country, transportation providers are feeling the economic crunch during the coronavirus pandemic. The federal stimulus package included funding for many local airports and public transit agencies.

EmX Apportioned $50.54 Million From Federal Government

Feb 23, 2015

Lane Transit District has received the final piece of funding from the federal government for the West Eugene Em-X Expansion. The Federal Transportation Administration has apportioned the remaining $50.54 million needed to continue the project.  LTD Director of Customer Services Andy Vobora says they were fortunate to get the funding they requested because there is a lot of competition at the federal level.

Bus Drivers Tell Tales

Mar 26, 2014
Lane Transit District

In Lane County, there are no trams, trolleys, or subways. Mass transit means busing. Every week day, an average of 43,000 riders board Lane Transit District buses. The men and women who drive those buses see and hear all kinds of things. They get to know their daily commuters. Bus drivers do tell tales. Here are a few.

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