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Mushroom hunting is a year-round activity for many Oregonians, with Black Morrels and Spring King Boletes  currently in season.

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When winter comes to Oregon, trees retain their green thanks to lichen. With the growing popularity of natural materials and hand-crafting, making dye from lichen is on the rise.

One could argue that the summer fun’s largely wound down with the end of the Labor Day weekend and school back in session.  But if you’re a fungi enthusiast, good times are just beginning. 

Could The Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

Aug 25, 2015
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Honeybee populations have been plummeting for nearly a decade throughout the United States.

Now, two scientists in Washington state are teaming up to help the pollinator, and they’re investigating an unconventional source for their remedy: the mushroom.

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At high-end grocers in Paris or Tokyo, wild mushrooms flown in from the Northwest can fetch upwards of $100 a pound. That supply chain invariably begins on a dirty folding table on the side of a backwoods highway. In this second of two reports on the morel mushroom economy, Rowan Moore Gerety takes us to a buying station in the mountain town of Twisp.

Rowan Moore Gerety / Northwest Public Radio

Every spring, morel mushrooms sprout from the blackened mountain soil where wildfires burned the year before. For a few thousand commercial mushroom pickers, it’s time to pile into dusty pickups and follow the bounty across the West. In the first of two reports, Rowan Moore Gerety sets out with a picker in the Methow Valley, on the Eastern slopes of the Washington Cascades.

Natural World: Chanterelles

Oct 9, 2013

Recent Rains have created perfect conditions for mushroom gathering.  The forests of the Coast Range and Cascades are yielding an abundance of fungi.  The rainforest near Cougar Reservoir is a pleasant place to hunt.