online threats

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The dirge of propaganda, half-truths, and lies seems to be normalized, from the White House podium to your online chat page. But there are ways to counter this problem.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Oregon law officials are warning teleconference program users of trolls who may hack a session to threaten, shock, or harass attendees.

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Police presence was stepped up at South Eugene High School today, following a potential threat that a student received. After some investigation, the social media message turned out to be what authorities call “a misguided attempt at humor”. 

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Law enforcement officials say they’ve seen rising numbers of fake bomb or shooting threats made against schools, including those in Oregon. The FBI says it’s launched a new campaign tackling hoax threats against schools.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office

A Cave Junction man who threated YouTube workers and its CEO will make his initial appearance in federal magistrate court Monday.